10 Reasons Why Women Should Not Date A Bodybuilder

Dating an aesthetic bodybuilder may be a dream for most of the girls out there. The well-maintained body, well-built biceps and triceps, the abs are almost irresistible, but there are also some downsides of dating a bodybuilder.

Bodybuilder Wants Perfection In You
















So after spending years on his body, a body that girls love, he wants a girl who is also perfect in everything, has a beautiful body and perfect hair. After working so hard on his body it won’t be fair he doesn’t get it.

He Doesn’t Have Time For You












He has a lot going on like his workout, the diet plan his trainer gave him, haircuts, clothes shopping and tanning sessions etc and probably won’t be able to give you the attention or time that you want.

He Will Not Show Up

So you planned a date on Valentine’s day but there is a huge chance that he will forget about it because it was his leg day and he was too tired afterwards.

He Has The Attention Of Other Girls

attention of other girls














Let’s say that went to the beach and he is standing shirtless with the well-built body of his and a ton of girls are trying to talk to him. The only thing you can do in such situation is to face it with a cool temper.

Bodybuilder Eats A Lot

bodybuilder eats alot












If you buy something that has a good amount of protein in it like some chicken then there is a fair chance that your bodybuilder boyfriend will cook it and eat it after coming from gym because he’s too hungry.

He Will Have A Good Sex Drive

good sex drive


All the good diet and workouts mean an amazing sex drive and it will be very hard for you to keep up with him and keep him satisfied in bed.

He Will Spend A Lot On His Gym, Food And Supplements

workout in gym












Keeping a well-built body means spending a lot of money on gym, a good trainer, the expensive food and supplements, which are probably more important to him than giving you a good and expensive birthday present to make you happy.

Bodybuilder Will Spend A Lot His Time With His Gym Buddies












He probably likes having someone while his workout and of course he will also stay with him while his workout which means double the time at the gym and never ask him to go workout with you because you will probably ruin his workout which he won’t like.

He Will Wear His Gym Clothes Everywhere












Like most of the gym enthusiasts, that is all he will have on his mind all the time. Which means no matter what the event is he will be worried about going to his gym and probably show up to a dinner right after his workout in his gym clothes, which to be honest will be somewhat humiliating for you.

He Doesn’t Care About Your New TV

no time











Let’s say that it was his birthday, you bought a new TV for him, and you think that he’ll be very happy to see it?  Unfortunately, you are wrong. He does not care about the new TV. Pumping iron is all that is on his mind.

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