How to Live Longer – 10 Tips

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Our expected lifespan mainly depends on our habits, what do we eat, what do we do all day etc. Harmful habits like smoking and drinking can significantly reduce our lifespan. The average expected lifespan of females is about 73.5 years and for males it is 68.5 years, but there are many people living above that even in their 100s. Here are 10 tips help you live longer.

Eat Healthy For Live Longer

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Eat healthy food, which is full of nutrients make you live longer. Make a habit of eating fruits in your daily life. Fortified products, such as breads, cereals and juices, are also very rich in nutrients. Eat fish, chicken, salmons and whole grain pasta. Try to avoid eating too much of oily thing, such as French fries.

Do Not Be Lazy

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Take some exercise for 30 minutes daily. If you cannot do that then try to walk as much as possible. Try to be active, especially during old age. Even if you have an office job stand up after every few minutes and stretch your legs, walk around or drink some water maybe.

Avoid Drugs And Drinking For Live Longer

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Drugs, such as cocaine or heroin, have a very severe negative effect on our body and became hurdle for live longer. Many addicts die due to drug overdose. Drinking too much can destroy your liver and other organs. Drunk people also get in more accidents than those who are sober.

Take Some Exercise

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I am not talking about some hardcore workout, even jogging for 15-20 minutes daily can actually matter a lot when it comes to being healthy. It can lower stress level and make you active and strong.

Do Not Take Stress

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Stress can disturb almost every function of our body. Too much stress can cause a nervous breakdown and may even send you in a coma. Even the medicines for the reduction of stress have side effects and helps in live longer healthy.

Avoid Smoking

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Smoking is cause to several potential diseases such as lung cancer, skin problems, heart attack or heart diseases. Even the smoke of a cigarette is harmful for you.

Learn Throughout Your Life

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Always keep learning new stuff. It can become a distraction, especially in old age and keeps your mind fresh. It can even decrease stress level in some cases.

Make Good Friends

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You should always have someone to be there for you if you have some problem. The feeling of being loved can reduce stress level, on the other hand the feeling of being alone and lonely can increase stress and live longer become not so easy with these problems.

Always Think Good

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Try to make a purpose of your life, set goals for yourself and then try to achieve them. It makes your brain active and makes you happier. It even improves the quality of your life and your brain keeps itself busy which can also reduce stress.

Think Young

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Always consider yourself to be younger healthy than you actual age. Researchers believe that people who think that they are still young can actually live longer than those who begin to think themselves as old.

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