3 Easiest Ways to Grow Taller

Having a short height can have a negative effect on your personality. A tall height is beneficial in several fields of life like sports and modelling, but unfortunately some of us can’t grow tall enough. The main reason is the DNA that is passed down to us by our parents. According to a research our height has a 60% to 80% dependence on our DNA and only 20% to 40% dependence on our activities and diet but still we can to add a few more inches to our height by having a good and healthy diet and regular exercise. A human can only grow till the age of 18 to 22 (till the growth plates close) and most of the growth occur after we hit puberty. A good diet full of proteins and vitamins, exercise, sports, stretching and having ample sleep can help us to use that growth period and get a good height before our growth plates close and in most cases these close in early twenties. Men grow for a longer period than women, growth in women stop at 18-20. The following are a few easy but effective methods of growing taller, but growth of height is a slow process so never expect immediate results and you also have to be very regular.

Exercise and Sleep


Having exercise regularly have several benefits and one of those is the stimulation of height growth. It also keeps your body healthy and active and helps you to digest the food you eat. The best exercise you can do is playing your favorite sports. Basketball, soccer or swimming anything you prefer. Must4care support exercise. It can help you to stretch your spine and legs and it is also relaxes your mind which is also very important for height growth. You can also try stretching and for that you can try several yoga poses such as sun salutation, pleasant pose, seated forward bend, cat pose, mountain pose, tree pose and triangle pose. Yoga is also very good for achieving peace of mind and it also gives you some quiet time to relax. Skipping rope is also a very good option for height growth. It only depends on which one you prefer. Sleeping is also very important for height growth. Human body only grows while sleeping and lack of sleep can lead to less growth of height and along with having ample sleep you should also keep a good schedule for sleeping. Being up all night and sleeping at day time can also have adverse effects on your height growth. Children should get about 10 to 11 hours of sleep and for teens the requirement is 9 to 10 hours so that our body can have enough time to produce human growth hormone (HGH).

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A Healthy Diet

healthy diet

We need a balanced diet to maintain a healthy body which can function properly. A diet full of proteins, calcium, vitamins and other minerals can not only help you to grow taller but has numerous other benefits. In addition to having a healthy diet you also have to stay away from the unhealthy ones such as pizzas, cakes, burgers and all other fast food items. These have high amount of fats and can lead to obesity if eaten regularly. Salads, grains and fish are some basic examples of healthy food. Protein helps your muscles and bones to grow and also makes them stronger. If you want to attain maximum height then you should make sure that your body gets a lot of proteins. The requirement differs from age to age. For girls of age 9-18, the requirement is 5 ounces per day and for boys of age 9-13 the requirement is 5 ounces per day and for boys of age 14- 18 requirement is 6.5 ounces daily. Protein rich foods are eggs, nuts, meat, fish and seeds. Zinc can also help you to grow for a longer period so that you can grow taller. Sea food, spinach and lamb are a good source of zinc. Calcium is important for the growth of bones and it also makes them stronger. There are also reports that say that it can also stimulate height growth. Especially girls should drink milk regularly to make their bones strong. Milk is a good source of calcium and you can also take some medicines so that your body can get enough amount of calcium. Eating vitamin supplements is also an option to complete your body requirement.

Looking Taller

looking taller

Sometimes your body has already achieved the maximum height and doesn’t grow any further but don’t worry there are still a few options that you can try, idea by Must4care. Having a good posture can help you to look taller. If you sit or stand with your back bent and your head tilted downwards or if you stand with all your weight on one leg then you should know that it can make you look shorter than you actually are. Make a habit of keeping your spine as straight as possible, keep your face straight and also try to sit straight. Long hair can also make you look shorter so you should go for short hair or medium hair. Wearing tight clothes instead of baggy ones can make your body shape more visible and make you look taller. Wearing tight jeans can also make your leg length visible making you look taller. Moreover wearing clothes that have a vertical patterns or wearing total black clothes can make you look taller. For girls wearing high heels is the best option. It can easily add 2-3 inches to your height.

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