Causes, signs and symptoms of floating kidneys

Wandering kidney or hypermobile kidney is known as floating kidney. In medical terms it is called nephroptosis. Kidney comes downwards when a person changes the position from lying to upright or stands up. It is called kidney prolapse. This condition of moving kidney is due to the reason of fixing problem. The kidney does not fit properly to the tissues surrounded by it. It is not a rare condition and doctors have found this problem in many cases. In this problem patient has to be careful in changing positions. It is not very much harmful condition and can be treated by the doctor easily.

Causes of Floating Kidney

  • Kidney is supported by the connective tissues that are soft and the name of these tissues is perirenal fasciae. When these tissues are not present or damaged in any situation then patient has to suffer this condition. It leads to the situation of floating kidney.
  • Young girls and women have small waists and it causes many other conditions for floating kidney. It is not a congenital defect.


Some of the important and obvious symptoms are given below.

  • Pain in urination
  • If kidney is not in the right place then it causes ureter to kink
  • Chills and nausea are very common
  • Pain in the area that is flank


In the standing position and in the supine X-rays is the prime source to diagnose the issue. If you do not have discomfort or pain then there is no need to diagnosis or the cure of it.


In case you have floating kidney, but there is no symptoms, no discomfort or pain then you do not need any treatment. If you are feeling pain and discomfort, during urinating, kinked ureter, vomiting, nausea and constipation then you have to consult your doctor.


  • Keep yourself warm and keep lying in the bed
  • Keep warm bottles on the side abdomen area
  • Take the diet that increases the fat around the kidney
  • The fat is important to offer support to your kidney.
  • Wear belt with rubber padding around the waist to support the kidney.
  • It gives relief from discomfort.

The floating kidney treatment program is very helpful to get rid of discomfort and pain. It provides you a healthy and normal life with slim appearance. It is helpful resource toxin free product. This is safe for human. It provides the strength to body. This is good to get rid of the detox material in the body. It is a therapy that helps to provide the complete emotional and psychological support to the patient. It is the most effective way to overcome the damages and the harmful effects. Must 4 care suggests to use this products.

These treatments are very helpful. It is very important to overcome weight gain because it leads to the healthier and the normal life. These cures provide you complete coverage and protection for towards a normal life.

If you want to enhance the quantity of red cells in blood you must take it. It is a water-soluble product that enhances the vitality of your tissues around the kidney.

Treatment For Floating kidney

When one suffers from the floating kidney condition but suffers no symptoms, then no treatment is required. If the ureter becomes kinked and causes pain along with nausea, vomiting and constipation, one could try the following home remedies:

  •   Lying in bed and remaining warm
  •   Warm bottles can be applied to the side abdomen area
  •   A fattening diet should be given in order to increase the fat around the kidney which will provide adequate support to it
  •   Often a specially designed belt with rubber padding is proposed to be worn around the area in order to provide support to the kidney and to provide relief from discomfort.

If home remedies do not work, a kind of kidney surgery is resorted to called the nephrophexy. This surgery is now conducted through laparoscopic techniques which make it a fast and less painful surgery. It helps to fix the kidney in place and thus, the painful symptoms usually disappear.

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