Diabetes Type 2 Symptoms & Treatment

Diabetes type 2, which was also one known as adult-onset or noninsulin-dependent diabetes, is a condition when your body stops producing enough insulin or begins to resist it and thus the blood sugar level increases. Insulin is a hormone that is responsible for motion of sugar into cells.

Diabetes type 2

 Symptoms of Diabetes Type 2

feeling Thiristy for Diabetes

The symptoms appear after a few years of the disease. Feeling of thirst is one of the first symptoms. You feel thirsty, drink more and as a result go to the bathroom more frequently. Another symptom is a feeling of intense hunger. When your body lacks the insulin to move the glucose to your cells, you run out of energy and feel hungry. Even if we eat more we begin to lose weight. When our body cannot get energy from the food we eat, it starts to use the reserves stored in the form of fats and thus we lose weight. Irritation and tiredness is also a symptom. Blurred vision due the pulling of fluids from eyes, and the appearing of dark patches on your skin, especially in the armpits and on neck.

Causes & Prevention

Causes of Diabetes type 2


It happens when our pancreas stops to produce enough insulin. Although the exact reason is still unknown but laziness, excess of weight, genes and environmental factors contribute to it. There are also some measures to prevent it. Having a healthy choice can stop it even if you have it in your genes. Eating healthy foods, which have low fat, calories and high amount of fiber.

Daily jogging for Diabetes type 2

Taking some exercise daily can greatly reduce the chances of getting diabetic. Workout for 30 minutes daily and if you cannot do that then just take a walk for 30 to 60 minutes. Overweight people can try to lose their weight to reduce the risk of being diabetic. There are also some medicines to prevent diabetes but they only work if you follow a healthy life style along with them.

Treatments For Diabetes Type 2

Healthy Foods

healthy food

There is no permanent treatment of type 2 diabetes but it can be controlled by the following methods.  The first thing you should do is to eat healthy. Do not eat foods that have high amount of sugar or fats and try to eat food that have high amount of fiber. Eat food with low glycemic index. Glycemic index means that how fast a food can increase the blood sugar level in your body.

Be Physically Active

physical active for Diabetes type 2

It is suggested that you consult your doctor before staring a physical exercise. After that choose any physical exercise that you like such as swimming, football, biking or just walking. It is important to do this regularly. You can aim for 30 minutes of exercise daily and increase it if you feel necessary.

Medication & Insulin Therapy

insulin for Diabetes type 2


Some medicines force your pancreas to produce more insulin in order to keep your blood sugar level to normal. These normally do not have any side effect but some medical experts suggest that these can damage the pancreas and suggest the use of insulin. In this, the insulin is injected directly in the body. The people who have very high blood sugar level are also suggested to use insulin because medicine is not enough for them.

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