How to get thicker hair naturally?

There are many ways to get thick hair naturally. With good care and proper balanced diet you can have healthy hair. There are several home remedies for longer hair. For getting beautiful hair you must follow some healthy tips and to avoid some actions that are harmful for your hair. Some of the hair growth tips are given below as Must4care suggests to you:

  1. Aloe Vera for thick hair naturally

Massage with aloevera pulp saves your scalp from dandruff and lice. You can get lice due to the high volume, thick textures and tough curls. Lice are human parasites and live on the scalp. Having lice in the scalp is the common issues of the ladies especially for those ladies who have long hair. It is the issue that can be faced due to certain reasons, including dust and sweat in the scalp and other unhygienic routine. Mostly, the women or small girls having long hair have to face this issue.

  1. Keep your hair clean by using Egg or curd mask

Egg or curd mask provide enough nutrients to hair. Mix it with olive and coconut oil. You should shampoo and wash their hair daily or twice a week. Girls should tie their hair after getting dry. Do not keep your hair humid or extra moisture. They should tie their hair in braids. Keeping your hair clean is very important for getting rid of the lice.

  1. Massage hair with oil for thick hair naturally

These are beauty tips for healthy hair growth. Massage your scalp with oil twice a week. It increases blood circulation towards hair follicles. It can cause odor and the moisture in the head. The major reason behind hair loss is the untidy behavior or covering the wet hair. These are the reasons of frequent hair loss.

  • Transferring from one to the other person
  • Living untidy and covering the head with a scarf or hat
  • Dirt in the head can enhance the growth of the lice
  • Moisture and the untidy hair is the good habitat of the lice
  • Lying on the bed, pillow and the cushions which an infected person has used it

Focus on the health of your hair as well as the cleanliness. Doing massage regularly and combing the hair will give you relief from the lice. These lice produce inflammation and itching in the scalp and the untidy hair are the habitat of them. Avoid sitting with the people closer because lice cannot jump or fly.

  1. Use mild hair products

Hair dyes can be used to kill the lice because these chemicals are effective for killing them. These can be harmful for your hair if are not mild. Use the hair mild shampoos, gel and lotions. The white vinegar and the Apple Cider Vinegar are the ideal therapy for killing lice from your head. These are simple tips to grow hair. Do not share your belongings to others, especially to those who have lice in their head. Use Tea Tree Oil, Rosemary, Tansy and Lavender oil for massaging on the scalp. It is the best way to gain hair.

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