Grow 3 Inches Taller Fast

You cannot grow taller overnight,observation by Must4care, there is no secret potion for that. But here are some exercises which can make you grow 3.0 inches taller.

Pelvic Tilt

Pelvic Tilt exercise

For performing pelvic tilt one should lie back on the ground with knees bent and feet flat. It is performed by tightening our abdominal muscles. Repeat this exercise 5 to 10 times daily to grow 3.0 inches taller.

Be A Superman

In this exercise you have to keep your torso stationary and lift your upper limb and lower limb towards the ceiling to form a U shape. Do 12 repetitions daily, must4care suggest.

Stretching Neck

Stretching Neck exercise

For this sit straight and keep your neck and head in midline position. Bend your neck towards your chest as far as possible. Then bend your neck backwards as looking towards the ceiling. Must4care recommend to Perform this 3 times daily. It stretches your upper vertebrae which elongates your spinal cord.

Maintaining A Proper Posture

Proper PostureMaintaining a proper posture is a big problem in our daily routine life, observation by Must4care. Standing or sitting with a proper posture not also enhances your personality but also you feel more energized and less worn out. While standing bring your scapula closer together and moves your chest forward.

Chin Tucks

Chin Tucks

Move your head forward while keep your shoulders straight and then move it inwards. Repeat this 9-10 times.

Wall Stretches

Wall Stretches exercise

Wall stretches are performed against wall which stretches our spinal cord and helps it grow longer ultimately increasing our height over times.

Cat Stretch

Cat Stretch exerciseWe have seen a cat stretching her body. This stretching can be copied as it is helpful to gain a good height. Make a cat posture on ground by moving your spinal cord outwards.

Cow Stretch

Cow Stretch exercise

It is opposite of a cat stretch. Tuck your spinal cord inwards by lying in a four limb animal position on ground. Perform alternative cat and cow stretches which will strengthen your spinal cord.

Hip Flexor Strerch

Hip Flexor Strerch exercise

This exercise stretches your abdominal muscles and slightly tilt your pelvis backwards. Perform this exercise daily to stretch your body.

Hanging On Bars

Hanging On Bars exercise

This is an easiest exercise which can be performed by anyone in home or in gym. You just to hang by pull up bars acting like a monkey. Hang for a while as long as you can bear your own body weight. This is the most effective exercise to stretch your body for a good height.

Act Like A Cobra to Grow 3.0 Inches Taller

Act Like A Cobra Grow 3.0 Inches Taller

We all have seen a cobra snake with his head outward to poison his enemy. Lie on ground and do same as a cobra. This pose will stretch your upper trunk and spinal cord. This will strengthen your body and helps it to grow.

Downward Dog to Grow 3.0 Inches Taller

Grow 3.0 Inches Taller

You have to keep your hands slightly on ground with shoulders and pressing them towards ground, raise your knees upwards and also your hips towards the ceiling. Also push your heels towards ground. This exercise will be very helpful in stretching your muscles of legs increasing your vertical growth.

Increasing your height 3.0 inches taller requires the above mentioned exercises to be performed on regular bases.

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