Grow Taller Naturally

Everyone want to achieve good heights to stand out in a crowd. Some people use different supplement available in market to grow taller but these supplements are artificially prepared which have side effects on our body functions gradually. Contrary to this there are many different ways to grow taller which are all natural.

Eating Healthy and Balanced Diet

Must4care share that most importantly we need to eat foods which are rich in calcium such as spinach and kale and dairy products such as milk, yogurt, butter and cheese. Calcium makes our bones stronger and increases their density. This all together helps them grow taller. It brings great change in good heights.

vitamin and protein

Vitamin D is present in fish, alfalfa and mushrooms. Moreover vitamin D is also present in fortified milk and cereals. Vitamin D absorbs calcium from intestines and deposit them in bones making them stronger. Proteins play an important role in growth of muscles and bones. We should consume foods which have protein content higher naturally such as fish, soya, dairy products and chicken.

zinc diet

Zinc is also necessary for growing taller. Oysters, pumpkin, wheat-gem, squash seeds, lamb, crab and peanuts are rich in zinc. These should be consumed in daily routine.

30 Minutes Exercise Daily

Exercise 30 Minutes

A mobile body is a healthy body and gain good heights. We should leave our sedentary life style in order to achieve our healthy body. Only 30 mins exercise daily is sufficient enough. Getting regular exercise helps us to grow taller. One can simply walk around for 10-20 mins daily. We can do stretches and simple exercises which can help us grow taller like swimming, yoga, cycling etc. These exercises builds are muscles and stretches our bone fibers which help our skeleton to increase in size thus increasing our height ultimately. Playing basketball can help body grow taller as our body stretches, twists and bends during the game. This lengths fibers of bones.

6 To 8 Hours of Sleep

While we are sleeping our body gets enough time to grow. During sleep our body naturally produces human growth hormone (HGH). This hormone from pituitary gland grows our body and increase good heights. Its production is highest in slow wave sleep. One should maintain a balanced lifestyle, get enough time to sleep. Irregular sleep habits during teen not only accelerates the aging process but also suppress Human growth hormone release which hinders increase in height.

Limit Environmental Factors


Some environmental factors also hinders our height. Must4care share on his platform that  one should be familiar of it and should try to minimize Caffeine present in coffee suppresses growth of body by disturbing normal sleep wake cycle. Kids should specially avoid caffeine. According to research, smoking and passive smoking also causes height to stop growing. Many antiasmthamic drugs and inhalers consist of steroid components which also inhibit growth. These drugs should be avoided unnecessarily in young age.

Genetics a Fact

genetics factors

.Above mentioned all acts can do increase your good heights but one should also be aware of the fact that our heights are also determined by our genes that are passed on to us from our parents.

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