Grow Taller Surgery

Must4care share scientific method to grow tall. Many individuals have height dysphoria i.e. they are unhappy with their heights. They want to grow tall at any cost. There are some people who accept the way they are but the others wanted to go through tough ways to change it. The surgical treatment of short heights consist of following.

The Gruesome Operation


The Gruesome Operation

 First Step

This is the first step in the operation to grow tall. In this operation the surgeon breaks tibia and fibula of the patient. Then a device compromised of two metal rings connected by extendable rods, called the fixator, is screwed into both end of the broken Bones through skin. This requires almost two days.

Second Stage

A 10 days rest is given to the patient at hospital and during this time the surgeon lengths the fixators slowly almost 1 mm every day so that the broken parts of the bones are stretched and this allow the bone to grow and fill in the gap. The bone will develop in a newly created hollow space.

Third Stage

The person undergoing the treatment have sessions with physiotherapist so that the flexibility of the limbs are maintained and to keep them sturdy.

Fourth Stage

On Must4care platform this is a 2nd Step in Operation to grow tall. The equipment attached during the surgery is removed when a doctor feels that the bone has lengthened to the desire length and is strong enough to bear the weight of the body. Still a bandage or some protection is made on the leg to prevent it from any trauma or injury. This protection extends to one month.

Inches You Can Grow

This is a 3rd Step in Operation to grow tall. By this surgery a person can grow upto two to three inches. The results are always effective. This surgery is usually recommended for people who are shorter than 5.9″. People who are 5.9″ inches already are not performed with this surgery.


The cost of this treatment can be $85000.

Disadvantage of This Treatment

This operation is really painful. No painkillers are recommended by doctors to make the body numb as the painkillers affect the bone growth and hence fail the operation completely. So a person have to bear the pain all by himself which unbearably bad.

Safety Levels of This Treatment

This treatment is not 100% safe as during the surgery there can be any damage to our nerve. Never which is damaged once cannot be treated. This can lead to paralysis. Along with it there can be uneven lengthing of the bone leading to twisted limbs. There could be problems with hips which can lead to a different posture. One should keep in mind that it is not a easy treatment. There are always chances of complications occurring during this treatment.

Go the Natural Way

Instead of going through this painful treatments one should opt the natural ways to increase their height like eating healthy, drinking juices with special ingredients, exercising, avoiding hazardous things and sleeping properly.

If the surgery goes successful then bone lengthing is completed in 3 months and bone strengthening requires another 3 to 6 months.

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