Heart Attack – Symptoms & Precautions

Heart Attack/Disease

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Heart attack is a very common cause of many deaths every year. Heart is responsible for pumping oxygenated blood in our body. When an artery is blocked and the blood cannot be pumped, the shortage of blood in the cells gets sever and we experience infraction or otherwise commonly known as heart attack.

Causes And Symptoms

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The wall of our heart also needs oxygenated blood. When the LDL or otherwise known as “bad” cholesterol becomes too high then fats begin to form on the inner side of the arteries and thus reduces or blocks the blood flow. Cells on the wall of heart begin to die and this is called a heart attack.

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Most of the people sense the symptoms a few minutes before a heart attack. These include pain in left arm, jaw, shoulder and back. The beating of heart becomes irregular and some people feel chest pain. It mostly depends on the food we eat and the lifestyle we choose. Eating too much oily things like French fries can increase the cholesterol level in our body. Fast food can also contribute to the causes of heart attack. A lazy life style can also result in the increase of cholesterol level of our body. Our heart also becomes weak and our physical activity decreases as we become old thus increasing the chances of heart attack. Some people also feel sweating, nausea, confusion, shortness of breath and anxiety.

Precautions And Prevention

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Smoking, being physically inactive and eating unhealthy foods are the three main causes of heart diseases. You can also consult your doctor about this if you want to. Even a simple walk of 30 minutes daily can drastically decrease the risk of having a heart attack. Eat salads and fruits and also avoid oily things. Go for regular checkups, keep track of your cholesterol level and if you experience any of the above symptoms then go to the doctor immediately. If the symptoms are very severe then its best to call an ambulance while you still can or tell someone to do it. Very severe heart attacks can also cause on the spot death so it is best not to waste any time. A rest of approximately 2-3 days is vital for your health and it is best not to lift any heavy weight for a couple of months


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You should always consult your doctor first about which treatment you should get. For some people who do not have very sever blockage in the arteries a simple operation is enough in which doctors put a spring like structure known as stent to open the blocked artery. This can last for even a lifetime if you take your medication and go for checkups regularly. A bypass is recommended for people with more severe heart problem. An artery is taken from another part of your body and it is used to repair the damaged arteries in your heart. For those whose heart has become very weak a complete heart transplant is necessary. In this a heart is taken from someone who died recently and is replaced by the heart of the patient. However, this surgery is very expensive and complicated.

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