How to Get Rid of A Migraine

Migraine is the condition when you get a severe headache on one-half of you head. It can make almost everything unbearable and can even lead to having a feeling of nausea and digestive discontent. The following are some ways to get rid of a migraine.

Try To Make The Environment Bearable For Yourself.

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A migraine can be triggered by a lot of things like very bright or flickering lights. Try to lower the lights in your room or move to a room with less light. Stay away from light until you get relief. Wear polarized sunglasses when going out to stop the sunlight to some extent. Very loud sounds are also known to trigger headaches. Turn of all the TVs or radios. If you live beside a busy street then try closing the window to lower the traffic noise. However, sounds of some specific frequencies are known to cure migraine/headache but you should consult an expert before trying this.

Foods That Cure Migraine

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Ginger is a popular remedy for a migraine. Peppermint and cayenne also have pain-relieving properties. Make a cup of herbal tea with a pinch of cayenne pepper, some fresh finger and some dried peppermint in boiling water. Consume a little amount of caffeine. Make sure that you do not take too much because in high amount it can cause a migraine. One cup of coffee is sufficient; also try to avoid energy drinks. Also make sure that you do not try this when the migraine/headache was triggered by too much caffeine in the first place.


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Massage the sides of your head for some time. It is better if someone else do this for you. Getting a hair massage can also help to get rid of a migraine. Another cure for a migraine is to massage your hand between the thumb and your index finger. It may seem odd but it does work most of the time. Massage both hands for 5 minutes and the headache goes away or at least becomes bearable. You can also try to massage the sides and back of your neck and your temples. Massage in circular strokes and dip your water in ice cold water before that massage for better results.
















This is maybe the most effective way of getting rid of a migraine. It is best if you take medicine before the condition becomes bad. It will work faster that way. Aspirin and Acetaminophen are 2 examples of medicines that can relief you of a headache but do not take these more than twice a week because our body become used to of these and their effectiveness decreases with time. These become merely a temporary solution and the migraine comes back after the effect of medicine ends. You can also try the medicines that contain little dose of caffeine. These work faster than non-caffeine medicines. You can also consult your doctor about ergotamine. These limit the amount of blood flow to the brain and thus reduce the pain. These are given to you by injections or nasal sprays

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