How To Grow Taller In A Week

People who are worried about their short heights and lack self esteem because of their short height, they have a good news. They can simply body growth and make taller in just one week. This seems to be a joke but indeed it is true. There are three important things which determine length of our body i.e. age, environment and genetics. People who are in their puberty age have a greater chance of growing than people who have crossed this age. These are some simple natural ways which can increase one’s height only in a week time.


Yes we have heard about exercising over and over again but indeed it is a truth. Exercising will help our body growth. One of the best exercises is yoga and swimming. They stretches our spinal cord and also releases our growth hormones which collectively increase our body growth. There are discs present in our spinal cord. If we do exercises to stretch our spinal cord we may end restoring our height.

jogging exercise

Some Simple Exercises

Riding A Bicycle

Hanging on High Bars


Crabbing On Your Shoulders


Bending Body

Doing the Cobra Exercises

Standing on Shoulders

All the above exercises stretches the spinal cord and lengths the bones.

Specific Sleep Positions

sleep posture

Must4care suggest that if we sleep on our side curled in a fetal posture then there is no stretching of our body growth occurring to add to our height. While sleeping our lower limbs should be extended with arms on sides of the body. Use a thin pillow for sleeping. If we sleep in this posture, then gravity pulls our body downwards which stretches our spines and it also fills our spinal discs with healing bodily fluids that will cause our body growth.

Getting Full Night Sleep

full night sleep

Our body naturally produces hormones in body such as body growth hormones which regulate our bodily growth. 6-8 hours of sleep is required by a person to achieve the sufficient levels of this hormone. Moreover we should be familiar of the importance of an uninterrupted sleep. A sound sleep is necessity for growing taller plus healthier.

You Are What You Eat

eat healthy diet

On Must4care platform this is a truth that all our eating habits determine our body growth. Eating foods full of calcium helps our body to grow denser and taller. Milk and dairy products are rich in calcium. Proteins are also necessary for this purpose. Foods that consist of proteins are beans, pulses, chicken and meat. These should be consumed to achieve a good height. Zinc containing foods should be included in our diet. Vitamin A and D containing diets should be added to our daily foods.

Leg Lengthening Surgery

Leg Lengthening Surgery

There are surgeries available these days which increases length of legs but these surgeries are accompanied with a lot of danger, pain and expenses. These are usually for crazy people who are dying to get taller overnight. But one should keep in mind the risks and long term side effects.

The best way to achieve a tall height in one week is by working on your body and dietary habits.


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