How to Take Healthy Sleep Naturally

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It is one of the most important necessity of our lives. No human can survive without sleeping and can’t even live healthily with irregular sleep patterns. Even a single day with lack of sleep better can have negative effect on our body; it can lower your energy level, ruin your mood and even slow down your thinking abilities. In long terms, it can have a negative effect on all the functions of your body and can cause an early death.

How to Sleep Better

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There are many sleeping pills but almost all of them have a negative effect on your health. You become addicted to them and will have trouble sleeping without them. They become a necessity and some of them even have other negative effects on your body, so it is better if you try to have a good sleep better naturally.

Our body has a biological clock and in order to have a sleep better we must synchronize our routine with it. Make a fixed time for yourself to go to sleep and to get up in the morning and then obey it daily and do not ruin it on weekends. Even if you sleep late at night, try to compensate for it by sleeping in daytime but do not sleep too much because if you do then you will have trouble sleeping at night. Another important thing to keep in your mind is that if even after making a good sleep-wake routine you still need an alarm clock to wake up in the morning then you need more sleep hours.

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Our brain secretes a hormone, Melatonin, when exposed to light. Try to go out as soon as possible after waking up to make yourself active. Try to spend most of your day in bright light. Keep your office well lit, even go for light therapy box during short winter days to keep yourself active during day and avoid bright lights, screens approximately 2 hours before going to sleep. Sleep better in a dark room.

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Have some exercise during the day. Go for jogging, stretch your legs and arms or even go to the gym, whatever you prefer. The more you exercise the better your sleep will be but even a light exercise like jogging for 5 to 10 minutes can improve your sleep quality. It will take some time for the full effect to be noticeable so you have to be patient. Exercising too close to your bed time can interfere with your sleep so make sure that you take your exercise at the right time. If you are taking some heavy exercise then it is recommended to take it at least 3 hours prior to going to bed or even earlier if you still have trouble sleeping. Exercise helps in sleeping and also contribute in increase grow taller naturally.

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The quality of your sleep is also dependent on what you eat. Drinking coffee and smoking are known to disturb your sleep. They can keep your awake your hours if taken in high amount even if you feel very tired and trust me it can be very frustrating feeling to not being able to go to sleep better when you are tired. Avoid alcohol before bed. Even drinking too much water means going to the bathroom very often which can also disturb your sleep. Some foods such as milk or yogurt and bananas are good bed time snacks that do not mess up with your sleep.

Best Natural Home Remedies For Insomnia

1 Eat Chicken

Eating chicken or turkey before going to bed can help you to get the sleep. Chicken and turkey contains the amino acid tryptophan which is necessary for the production of serotonin. Serotonin in the brain helps us to sleep.

  • Have a slice of turkey or chicken before going to bed.

2 Milk

Milk is another home remedy which contains tryptophan and which help you to get good sleep.

  • You can either take a glass of warm milk before heading bed or
  • You can take warm milk with a spoonful of honey in it

3 Eat Cookies

The carbohydrates in cookies help tryptophan to enter the brain and activate serotonin production. Any sugary food consumed 30 minutes before bedtime acts like a sedative.

  • Eat cookies half an hour before going to bed.
  • You can also have cookies along with milk to get better results.

4 Go For Early Dinner

Take your dinner at least two hours before you go to sleep.  It will be difficult to sleep when your stomach is full.

  • Have an early dinner and avoid spicy food at night, if you want to sleep better.

5 Limit Caffeine And Alcohol

Though alcohol makes you drowsy and put you to sleep, it causes you to get up in the middle of night with aheadache, stomach ache etc and when the sedative effect of alcohol goes away it make difficult to get sleep again. Caffeine can stimulate your brain and make you remain awake.

  • Avoid excess alcohol intake
  • Avoid the intake of any caffeinated drinks after noon.

6 Valerian

This is a natural home remedy used to treat insomnia. This herb contains strong muscle relaxant and has sedative properties. This will help you to get good sleep without any hangover.

  • Take two capsules of valerian root an hour before going to bed.

7 Passion Flower

Passion lower is another herb with mild sedative effect. It is necessary to consume 4,000 to 8,000 milligrams of dried passion flower capsule for effective sleep.

  • Consume the capsules one hour before your bedtime.

8 Lavender

The smell of lavender acts as a mild tranquilizer. The aroma of lavender will soothe you to sleep.

  • Dab a bit of lavender oil onto the temples and forehead before you hit the bed.

9 Jasmine

Studies have shown that people who slept in jasmine scented rooms had better sleep than people slept in non scented rooms or even lavender scented rooms.

  • Apply a drop of jasmine essential oil on each wrist before you go to bed.
  • You can also keep a cotton ball with one or two drops of essential oil of jasmine added to it in your bedroom.

10 Take A Hot Bath

A hot bath can relax your body and mind and can ready you for a good sleep.

  • Take a hot bath at least two hours before bedtime.
  • You can add two cups of Epsom salt to a hot bath to relax the muscles.

11 Stick To A Sleep Schedule

Try to stick to a sleep schedule every day; do not change the sleep schedule on weekends. This will help the body to adhere to the pattern all week along.

  • Decide a time to go to sleep and to wake up in the morning
  • Wake the same time each day irrespective of the sleep you got the night before.

12 Do Not Take Naps During The Day

If you have insomnia, try to avoid daytime nap. The afternoon nap can disrupt your body clock.

  • No matter however tired you are do not nap during the day.
  • This will help you to get good sleep at night.

13 Turn Your Thermostat Down

It has been found that people sleep better when the sleeping environment is cool.

  • Turn the thermostat a few degrees down to get better sleep at night

14 Make Your Room Comfortable

It is necessary to make your bedroom as comfortable as possible to have a good night’s sleep.

  • Close your bedroom doors to avoid unwanted noises.
  • Running the fan will help to drown other noises
  • Keep the room temperature comfortable
  • Do not keep computer or TV in your bedroom
  • Avoid any lights and keep your room dark.

15 Check Your Medications

Some of the medications can cause chronic insomnia. Make sure that the medications you use do not contain any ingredients which contribute to insomnia. Some ineffective pain relievers also affect the sleep.

  • Some of the over the counter medications may contain caffeine which will disrupt sleep.
  • If you are taking any pain relievers make sure that they are effectively controlling the pain. Pain can disrupt the sleep.

17 Milk and Honey

  • Take a glass of milk and add 1 tea spoon of honey.
  • Mixed well and drink this every night before going to sleep.

18 Aniseed and Water

  • Add 1 tea spoon of aniseed (also known as Choti Saunf) to half litre of water.
  • Heat the mixture for for 15min and strain the liquid.
  • Drink this liquid either hot or warm.
  • Take this after-meal or before going to bed.

19. Honey

  • Take a glass of water and add one tea spoon honey
  • Mixed well and take this liquid before going bed.

These simple home remedies are helpful in reducing insomnia. Are you a person under stress? Are you suffering from insomnia and the lack of concentration caused by it? Are you looking for some best home remedies to get rid of insomnia? Then, you can try any of these home remedies and get relief for your problem. Find out which remedy is helpful for you by trial and error method.

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