HPV Symptoms & Treatment

Human papilloma virus or HPV is a very common virus. There are approximately 100 types of HPV and each of them effects different parts of body. Around 14 of them are considered to be severely dangerous and can lead to development of cancer and almost 30 of them can damage both male and female genitals even the anus.


  Causes of HPV

physical relation for virus

It can be caused by blood to blood contact, by having physical relations or even skin to skin contact with someone who has been infected by this virus. You can also get infected if the virus somehow enters your body through a cut or rash. For pregnant women, severe genital warts can also make normal delivery impossible. There is also a very rare chance of the development of a growth in the baby’s voice box. You can also become infected from swimming in public pool or by touching something that has been exposed to HPV virus.


hpv symptoms

In the beginning there may be no symptoms of HPV. The first sign may appear after months or even years of when the person has been infected and these include warts in the genital area such as penis, vulva or vagina. They can also appear around the anus or groin. There might also be some itching or slight pain. The warts which can be either flat or bumpy can be seen on the infected area. Depending on the type of warts the location can differ. They can grow on feet, fingertips, men can also get them on the beard area, women can also get them on the legs or elbows.


treatment of hpv

Some types of HPV do not need any treatment the infection goes away with time without any medication or treatment but some other types of HPV, which can also lead to cancer, needs to be taken more seriously. The treatment of HPV is not started right after it begins because if it is treated too soon it can show up again later. The first thing you should do is to get a test to know which type of HPV is this. If it is a type which can lead to cancer then you might need to get checkups more often to keep a track of cell changes in your body. If any abnormal activity is observed then the doctor might wait to see if the precancerous cells heal on their own and if they do not heal then the doctor can suggest different treatments depending on the situation. Cryotherapy, which includes the use or liquid nitrogen to freeze the abnormal cells. Conization is another possible treatment in which the abnormal cells are removed from the body. Lazer therapy is used to burn the abnormal cells. LEEP or loop electroaurgical excision procedure is a process which is used to kill the abnormal cells along with the cells that are infected with HPV using an electric shock. If you get infected while pregnancy then it is best to start the treatment after the birth of the baby.

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