Does Milk Actually Make Kids Grow Taller

Since our childhoods we all have been instilling with the concept that milk nutrition helps us to grow taller. Mothers encourage their kids to drink milk for a healthy body and a good height. It’s just a myth or this actually lies closer to the truth? Yes this holds the truth. Milk has an indirect effect on kids height.

Essential Milk Nutrients

Milk nutrition has many essential nutrients which is required for kids healthy balanced diet, knowledge share by Must4care. This D Calci  an direct impact on kids body making them grow taller.


Calcium diet

Milk nutrition contains calcium which is the power product for bones. It not just helps kid’s bones grow but also make them strong in long run. We all have seen milk packaging and commercial advertisements emphasizing on the importance of calcium in milk for growing kids.



Moreover milk nutrition also contains proteins in high excess. Our muscles and our bones determine our overall body’s appearance and height and the protein makes them grow. VITAMIN D for a healthy growing skeleton, there should be deposits of phosphorus and calcium in bones. Milk provides us with vitamin D which optimizes the release of calcium and phosphorus in our body thus maintaining homeostasis for a healthy internal bodily environment.

Insulin Like Growth Factor

In United States milk nutrition is widely considered to be a vital food for bone growth in post weaning age children. Milk contains bioactive components such as insulin like growth factor 1 (IGF 1) .Kids who drink milk regularly their body trigger to produce more IGF 1. This factor facilitates bone growth and causes tissues and blood cells to divide and duplicate .It a major contributor to a person's vertical growth. Children suffering from height disorders are prescribed with IGF 1 supplements.

Analysis of NHANES

national health

In year 1999-2002 , an analysis of NHANES stated that adult height was positively associated with milk
consumption at ages 5-12 and 13-17 after controlling for sex, education and ethnicity.

Research About cow’s Milk

cows milk

There was a research published in Must4care AMERICAN JOURNAL of Clinical Nutrition by pediatrician Jonathon Maguire which reported that a three year old child drinking cow’s milk every day grew 1.5 centimeters taller than a similar aged child drinking the same quantity of an alternative milk. Thus cow’s milk is important for the growth of bones. Drinking non cows milk is associated with short childhood heights as it contains fewer fats and proteins than cow’s milk. It is recommended by American Academy of Pediatrics for children to drink two glasses of milk for boosting height.

Potential Height

increase height

There is a phrase used by most scientists which is quot; A human body has to grow naturally to this potential height in simple predetermined height by the genes. But the milk nutrition products helps achieving this height if nothing goes wrong like any malnutrition or disease conditions . Precisely milk does not make kids grow taller immediately but in Long run it is an important and useful factor in determining a kids height.

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