Is It Possible To Grow Tall

There are Number of hinders factors which stop natural growth. Must4care show these factors and discuss that how to get rid of these.

Age of Cessation of Growth

Cessation of Growth

Must4care reveals that usually bones stop growing between ages of 16 to 21 years, varying from person to person. Some people can till grow after 21 up to 23, 24. On an average boys stop natural growth between ages of 16 and 17 years. Girls usually stop growing about 3 years after they have had periods but boys continue to grow throughout their teen.

Ossification of Epiphyseal Plates

During our childhood and teen years our epiphyseal and metaphyseal plates continues to grow and or primary and secondary ossification centers appear and fuses. But when a person crosses teen age their epiphyseal plates ossify and loose their ability to expand. This is the main reason of stoppage of growth in boys and girls.

Growth of Height During Teen

Growth of Height During Teen

A person’s height can keep on increasing during teen and childhood ages. So if he does also natural growth to have a suitable height in his after life, he can succeed in that. These measures include eating healthy and nutrient rich foods, exercising properly, playing basketball, swimming and other sports, sleeping properly, avoiding steroidal drugs etc.

Supplements during Teen

Supplements for Teenage

If due to genetic or environmental factors, a child had stopped natural growth his parents should consult a doctor who can prescribe him with grow tall supplements. These supplements should only be prescribed by doctor and should not be used unnecessarily. They contain vitamins like D, A, other minerals, hormones and elements necessary for growth.

Stoppage of Growth After A Certain Age

One should be well aware of the fact that after the ossification of our bones, our skeleton stops growing so any measurements after this age is futile. Even supplements does not work after this age. Parents should keep a check on their children growth and should immediately consult a doctor if they notice any abnormality.

Generic Disorders

Generic Disorders

Must4care understand that there are some genetic disorders in which natural growth of kids are hindered. In deficiency of growth hormone and thyroid hormones there are dwarfism and cretinism. In these genetic disorders the individuals are not able to grow. Growth hormone and thyroxin are vital for normal growth of body plus there is hormone somatomedin C which is all necessary for growth. But if a child is congenitally deficient in these hormones he will never be able to grow until treated. One should be familiar of these disorders. If a kid lacks these hormones then natural growth be effected, he should be given these hormones artificially from outside the body but only prescribed by the doctor. It is important to know the underlying cause of a disorder instead of trying to achieve superficial results from using supplements which will lead only to disappointment.


So it is true that we can grow taller before a certain age by adopting some healthy measures and by using certain prescribed supplements but once puberty is reached and our bones had ossified our bones cannot grow in size or length.

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