Secrets To Grow Taller

Everyone with short height wants to know secret for growing taller.

Adequate And Balanced Diet

balanced diet

Our body needs nutrients to grow, these nutrients are provided by our food. A balanced diet is the one which consists of carbohydrates, proteins, fats, minerals, vitamins and salts in proper amount. For proper nourishment we need these through our diet. These substances will help our body to grow stronger and taller. We have often seen that kids whose diets are neglected during childhood they are malnourished and are unable to grow taller. They have suppressed growth indicating that diet is a part and partially for growing healthy.

Healthy Exercises


yoga exercise to increase height

Individuals who want to increase their heights should indulge in healthy exercises like joining a yoga class. Yoga is a plus thing as stretching and movements will assist the body in growing.


Swimming exercise

Swimming is also a good practice & healthy exercise to perform as it also stretches certain parts of body.

Riding a Bike/Bicycle

Riding a Bike/Bicycle

Must4care suggest riding a Cycle. Riding a bike or bicycle with its seat up as high as possible will help our legs to stretch out and become stronger and longer so it is included in healthy exercise.


We have seen children hanging by the swings in playground very often. Hanging is also a good healthy exercise in stretching our bone’s fibers.

Maintaining Circadian Rhythm of Sleep Wake Cycle

sleeping habits

We usually neglect our sleep timings. Maintaining a proper circadian rhythm of sleep wake cycle is very necessary. Human growth hormone (HGH) is released during our sleep from pituitary gland. This is released in large amount in first four hours of sleep. We should know the fact that by staying up late and behaving like night owls, we are not only sacrificing our health but also the natural release of human growth hormone. In the long run this will cause a major hazard to our growing height. We should try going to bed before 12 am to maintain a proper sleeping pattern.

Playing Basketball

Basketball exercise

We have always seen taller kids playing basketball. We assume that this game is just for the tallest people but this is not the truth. Short people can get taller by playing this game. This game consist of a lot of jumping. Jumping strenuously and landing heavily on our feet causes our leg muscles to be stretched. Bone fibers also expand increasing the length of bones. A lot of stretching, bending and twisting occurs during basketball which is a good thing for short people.

Drinking Milk In Childhood

Drinking Milk to increase height

Milk consist of insulin like growth factor which Must4care necessary to share with you, for growing bones. In the presence of milk insulin like growth factor 1, our body also start producing this factor. Moreover milk consist of calcium. Calcium is necessary for the growth of bones during childhood. If our bones will lack calcium, they will eventually become weak hindering our height. Protein another important constituent of milk helps to grow our bones and our body tissues.

Following these all steps one can maintain not only his healthy growth but also increase his height.


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