Step By Step Guide To Grow Taller

Height is an important factor of human body. Tall people are considered more handsome and graceful. Height growth mostly depends on our genes which is, unfortunately, totally of our control. Some of us don’t have the genes to grow body’s maximum potential, tall naturally, but don’t worry there are also some factors that can be controlled to give you a height growth boost. Must4care share his experience that if your friends have grown taller than you then this step by step guide about how to grow taller will help you to keep up with them and help you to grow to your body’s maximum potential.

Healthy and Balanced Diet

healthy and protein diet

 A good diet plays a vital role in body’s maximum potential growth. Your body needs different nutrients to grow and food is the main source of nutrients in our body. Eating food which is rich in protein, calcium, zinc and vitamins will definitely add a few more inches your height. Fish, egg, meat, soy and dairy products are rich in lean protein. It helps to improve muscle growth and makes our bones healthy. Calcium in know to make our bones stronger and also promotes their growth. It is abundant in milk, vegetables such as kale and spinach, and yogurt. Studies have shown that zinc makes the growing period of our body longer. It’s deficiency can lead to a short height. Oyster, pumpkin, lamb, peanuts, crab, squash seeds and wheat germ are rich in zinc. In addition to that you also want to stay away from food with carbohydrates such as fast food. These not only slow down growth but also makes you fat which can make you look shorter.

Exercise Regularly

exercise for pregnant women

Doing the right exercise regularly during your growth period can have a very good effect on your height. You can either join a gym or participate in your favourite sport or do some stretching, whatever you prefer. At a gym you can do a lot of different exercises which not only builds up your body but also helps to grow it and make it stronger. Participation in your favourite sports is also a good option. it will burn some extra calories and stretch your body. The best thing about sports is that you enjoy your time and you don’t realize that you’re exercising. A little stretching can also help you to stretch your spine, make your joints stronger and your body more flexible. It is one of the most commonly known methods of increasing body’s maximum potential.

Get Some Sleep

sleeping therapy

Sleeping is the only time when a human body grows. Children are recommended to get a 10-11 hours sleep every night and adults should get 9-10 hours of sleep daily to keep our body fully functional. Having a good and healthy sleeping pattern is also important. Get ample amount of sleep at night and if you have the time then sleeping for a hour or two at noon can also be very beneficial to your body. It is also important that you get a good sleep so don’t eat right before sleeping as it can disturb your sleep.

Avoid Unhealthy Activities

avoid smoking and alcohal

 Addictions such as smoking, drinking and use of drugs can have a adverse effect on your height growth. According to a study non smokers are taller than those who smoke. The same goes for drinking and use of other drugs. These also have several other dangers to your body and can many diseases. Caffeine while itself doesn’t slows down height growth but it is known to keep you from sleeping which can effect the growth of a human. It makes your sleep less comfortable and thus affects the production of the height growth hormones. Steroids used for bodybuilding can also stop your body growth and they also have several other disadvantages such as reducing of sperm count, decreasing breast size and increases the risk of a heart attack.

Growth Period

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It is also very important which, Must4care understand, that it should be to keep this under consideration that your height only grows for a certain age limit. For boys body’s maximum potential height for 20-22 years while girls stop growing at 18-20 years. So if you have a short height then do something about it before the time has passed. Start your exercise and be regular at it. Correct your diet and get enough sleep. Not only these habits will help you attain the maximum potential of your body but these will also keep you healthy and make you stronger.

Look Taller

look smart and taller

You may not be using the body’s maximum potential. Most of us make it a habit to keep our back bent and keeping our head down. The first thing you can do is to make your posture straight. It will instantly make you look taller. Also sit with your back straight and keep your head up. It also makes you look confident. Wearing tight clothes makes your body structure visible and thus make you look taller. It also makes you look more attractive and people may stop to notice your short height. Also wearing totally black clothes or clothes with vertical stripes also makes you look taller. If you’re a girl then a high heel is the best and most effective solution you have. It can instantly add 3-4 inches and they’re also very attractive.

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