Treatment of Uric Acid with Natural Food

There can be several possible reasons of why your blood uric acid level rises. It can also cause gout. To make sure that you maintain your uric acid level it is necessary to eat healthy. Having a good diet along with some medication can bring your uric-acid level to normal. The following are some food which can help you to maintain or lower your uric-acid level.

Water For Reducing Uric Acid















Lack of water intake is one of the main reasons why your uric acid levels can increase. Drink at least 10-12 glasses (2 liters) of water daily. It takes all the excess amount of toxins and uric-acid with it when we excrete it.


apple juice
















An apple a day keeps a doctor away. These have malic acid, which neutralize uric acid present in our blood. Adding apples to your diet will surely cure your high uric-acid problem.

Olive Oil

olive oil

Use olive oil instead of other oils to cook your food. It has anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidants properties, which can reduce uric-acid level.

High Fiber Foods

high fiber food











Some foods, which have high amount of soluble dietary fibers, are barley, carrots, blueberries, pears, strawberries, bluebarries and celery. Foods with high dietary fiber can also reduce uric-acid level. It absorbs the uric acid and thus the uric-acid levels of your blood lowers.

Green Tea

green tea














Want to lower the risk of developing a gout and control your uric acid level? Just drink green tea daily and it can help significantly to reduce the risk.

Fresh Vegetable Juices

fresh vegetable juice















Make some carrot juice and also put some beetroot and cucumber in it. It tastes good and reduces uric acid level. It also keeps your skin fresh and carrot juice is known to produce blood in your body.
















These are enriched with anti-inflammatory properties and thus control your uric-acid level. So eat a lot of strawberries and blueberries.

Apple Cider Vinegar

apple vinegar for uric acid















Take a glass of water and put 3 tea spoons of vinegar in it and drink it 3 times daily if you are diagnosed with a high amount of uric-acid.

French Bean

french bean














It can stop the production of uric-acid and therefore help to reduce the uric-acid level. Just drink 2 glasses of fresh French bean juice daily to help your body to control uric-acid.

Dairy Products with Low Fat

dairy porducts














Drink some low fat milk and curd. It can protect you against high uric-acid levels in blood.














Lime juice contains a solvent of uric acid i.e citric acid. Just put the juice of half lime in a glass of water and drink it daily to lower uric-acid level.

Foods with high amount of Vitamin C

vitamin c fruits












Foods such as tomato, kiwi, oranges, lemon, guava and other vegetables with green leaves can help to flush out uric-acid from your body.














Consumption of alkaline grains such as bajra and jowar can reduce uric acid level in your blood.
















These can help to cure your high uric-acid level. Add these to your diet.

Gout is a condition that can be controlled and limited to a great extent by making necessary changes in diet and lifestyle. As it is brought on or aggravated by certain habits and choices we make, the right remedies will steer one to lead a life free of such a condition.

1. Maintain The Body Weight

One needs to reduce weight as obesity is a contributory factor for gout. If one keeps a healthy weight they will be able to prevent further attack.
• It is necessary to take on healthy means to lose weight
• Crash dieting should be avoided
• One should follow moderate dieting methods with food groups low in fat and moderate in protein

2. Drink Water And Healthy Fluids

It is necessary to increase the intake of water which will have the following benefits:
• It will help to flush out the urate crystals which accumulate in the joints
• It will prevent kidney stones from forming which can also occur in such a condition

3. Avoid Alcohol

It is necessary to avoid alcohol intake as it makes the body retain urate:
• High amounts of booze consumption can cause gout
• It can worsen any existing gout condition
Wine drinking has been seen to have no influence on gout formation or making the condition persist.

4. Check The Diet

One needs to check on their diet in order to ensure that:
• They are not consuming high amounts of meat
• There should not be high levels of seafood in the daily diet

5. Avoid Certain Meat And Seafood

It is known that some types of meat and fish contain purines which form uric acid. Those who are susceptible to gout usually have a defective purine metabolism and hence, they need to reduce the intake of:
• Organ meat like kidney, liver and brain
• Fish like mackerel, herring and anchovies
Some vegetables like peas and spinach should be avoided as well.

6. Increase Vegetables And Milk Intake

It has been seen that, increasing the intake of:
• Different kinds of vegetables
• Low fat milk
will help to reduce the gout attacks.

7. Avoid Taking Diuretics Without Prescription

As water pills and other diuretics slow down the excretion of the uric acid, the build up is increased and that in turn increases the risk of gout:
• Do not take diuretic without prescription
• Inform your doctor of your gout condition

8. Avoid Placing Weight On The Joint

The joints that are inflamed need to be given rest to recover:
• Do not put pressure on the joint
• Take rest and avoid walking around or other physical activities

9. Keeping The Joint Elevated

It is best that the joint is kept elevated. That will:
• Reduce the flow of blood to the painful joints
• Help to reduce the feeling of pain

10. Avoid Warm Or Cold Compress

• Do not put warm or hot pads on the inflamed areas as it increases the blood circulation and increases pain
• If cold compress is applied it can make the crystals form rapidly and hence, intensifies the pain.

11. Choose Comfortable Shoes

You need to use shoes that provide a lot of room for the toes so that they do not feel pressurized:
• Stylish, narrow pointed shoes will put pressure on the toes
• High heeled shoes put pressure on the toes

12. Try Herbal Treatment

There are many natural and herbal ingredients that are known to ease joint pain and act as anti inflammatory agents:
• Flower tops
• Ginger root
• Capsicum
• Licorice
One should try and increase such ingredients in their diet.

13. Meditation

It is seen that meditation and other relaxation techniques help to keep the gout condition at bay:
• Reduce mental stress
• Relax the body and mind

14. Wear Loose Clothing

Not only should one wear loose clothing, they need to sit or lie back in comfortable positions to allow the gout attacks to abate:
• Find time to relax and unwind
• Take plenty of rest

Are you crippled by gout pain? Do you fear those attacks coming back more often? With changes in diet, lifestyle and a positive attitude, you will be able to control the ailment and keep its symptoms at bay.

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