Ways to heel up cracked feet quickly

Cracked feet are the indication towards lack of foot care. The foot skin is dry because it does not contain oil glands in it. Medical condition, lack of moisturizers and over exposure to dirt and dust are the common causes of cracked feet. Diabetes is the common reason of the dry cracked feet. These cuts become painful because it goes deep into skin. Sometimes it bleeds and walking becomes difficult for people who have cracked feet. It is due to the excessive pressures on the foot. It is released on the sides of the foot that produces deep cracks on foot and heels. Because of the dry skin of the feet this extension produces dry cracks. It occurs due to the deficiency of the omega 3 fatty acids and zinc. You Must Care about these cracks as they are painful and look ugly to other also.

Causes of dry cracked Feet

Non-Moisturizing Soap


Why do feet crack? Keeping the skin moisturizing is very important for nourishment. It happens due to the use of the non-moisturizing soap. Dryness produces cracks on the feet and makes it scaly.


Skin becomes dry due to age factor. It produces cracks and makes the walking uncomfortable. In the start foot skin becomes scaly. These scales turn into severe cuts.

Low level of humidity

In the region of the cold areas there is low humidity. It makes the skin dry and produces dry scales on the skin. Due to the cold wind it causes dry up the skin. The heating system dries the skin and produces cracks.

Exposure to water

Putting feet in the water for the long time on regular bases can cause cracked feet. Avoid keeping your feet in the water. It finishes the natural oil of the feet skin. It leaves the skin rough and dry.

Skin diseases and allergy

Due to some medical conditions such as thyroid problems, diabetes or skin allergies including eczema, psoriasis and athlete’s foot you may suffer cracked feet.


Due to access weight the feet suffer extra pressure. It is transformed to the sideway of the feet. It causes cracked heels.

Longtime standing

Uncomfortable or hard shoes can produce cracks. Continuous standing on the floors produces cuts on feet.

How to get rid of the cracked feet?

How to heal cracked feet? The only formula to get rid of the cracked feet is to moisturize feet. For this purpose you should pay attention to foot care.

  1. Do pedicure regularly in a week.
  2. Avoid dust and dirt by covering the feet.
  3. Massage with essential oil on the heels and feet.
  4. Apply Vaseline on the cracks and on the heels properly. Cover it with socks over the night. It becomes soft by the next day. Do it on regular bases. You will get rid of it.
  5. Massage vicks on you cracked foot and cover it for some time. It gives you instant relief from pain, bleeding and inflammation. It is important to continue it up to seven days. After that repeat it twice a week.

Keep your feet clean and wash with a reputed moisturizer and share this information to your friends and tell us about your feedback and suggestions about this article.

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