13 Foods to Grow Taller Without Exercise

Must4care observed that almost everyone wants a height growth. It naturally makes you look good and makes you noticeable in a crowd. Height mostly depends on our genes and not everyone has that. But height can be made taller by keeping a healthy and balanced diet which has all the nutrients that our body needs for a better growth.


salad beans

Beans have high amount of proteins, fiber and vitamins. These are very good for health and if taken regularly and in high quantity these can help to have a good height growth and can also improve overall health



When it comes to nutritious food spinach is one of the most important vegetables. It can make our body strong and also helps to get a high growth rate.


soya beans

Soya products or soya beans have very high amount of proteins and can also boost hormones which makes it effective in foods for height growth. Useful information by Must4care is that Eating 50-60 grams of beans everyday will lead to having a faster growth rate and good health.


milk products

Like other dairy products milk is also a very important part of a good diet. It can help to boost height growth and also makes your bones strong because it has high quantity of calcium. It has some unwanted fats but you can try toned milk as it has less fats and same amount of other nutrients.



It is another dairy product which has the ability to boost height growth and greatly improve height growth. It has vitamin D and calcium and proteins. But like milk it has some fats too so you should eat fat free yogurt for best results.



Eggs are rich in calcium, protein, zinc and these are the best natural testosterone boosters. Eggs can greatly improve your health and make your skin glow. York has some cholesterol but if you have a busy routine then its fine to eat 2 eggs daily. It’ll make your body stronger and also boost your height growth in the process.


delicious Oatmeal

These have high amount of fibers, protein and vital vitamins. Having a bowl of meal in the morning can help you to function greatly for the whole day and has a good effect on your height.

Chinese Cabbage


It has a lot of vitamins, carbohydrates, fibers and several other nutrients that are essential for height growth. Consuming it regularly will make your body grow faster naturally.



If you’re already an adult and want some height growth then turnip is the food you want to eat. Its ability to greatly improve growth of human body makes it very important. Drinking a glass of turnip juice daily will be great for your height growth.


Rhubarb diet

Eating it can naturally increase the release of growing hormones in human body. It can be eaten raw or cooked and should be a part of our diet if we want a good height growth.


Banana for height growth

Bananas may increase your weight by some kilos but these are essential for height increase. They are rich in iron, potassium, calcium and other important vitamins. If you’re interested in having a tall height then banana is one of the foods you want yo consider eating.

Dry Fruits

Dry Fruits for heights growth

Eating a high quantity of dry fruits such as peanut, nuts and walnut can help to boost height growth as these have high amount of proteins. In addition to that these also help to keep your mind sharp.



These are very rich in protein and are useful for bodybuilding. Eating these daily will also effect your height growth and it will also make your body stronger

Eating these foods on a regular basis will definitely add a few inches to your height. Although these foods are enough but still some light exercise when mixed with these food items will have a very good effect on your height growth

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