3 Tips to get glowing skin easily in summer

The significance of skincare is not ignorable. Skin is vigorous organ because it shows what goes on inside the human body. Skin Care is vital for looking young, fresh and adorable. For a healthy skin, make sure you are drinking enough water and eating healthy food. It is one of the best effective beauty tips. It needs special care as per the types of skin and according to the seasonal effects. Winter needs special care and summer requires something more for skin. However, summer is a lovely period of the year. The warm weather and long days make you energetic. But, scorching heat in plains, humid climate in tropical areas and dry warm air in sandy areas invite blackheads, oily skin, and breakouts. Obviously, extra oil, sweat, humidity and heat can make your skin worse. It can produce acne problem at peak. Tips for glowing skin by Must for care are as:

Tips to care your skin in summer

  1. Use Sunscreen

The powerful rays of the sun are risky for your skin so, always uses sunscreen. Do not go out without applying it on the bare areas such as face, arms, hands and feet.  The best sunscreen contains 30 SPF. It is effective to prevent your skin from sun burning rays. Try to apply sunscreen after every 90 minutes, if you are staying out for long time. Use of sunscreen is vital for fair complexion.

  1. Skin needs moisture

In the summer, it is obvious that skin moisturizers are essential. Your skin is not dry this time of year as it is in the winter. But, for supporting a healthy skin, you need to moisturize your skin. With consistent use of the aloe vera lotions or gels, you will have a healthy skin. It will keep your skin hydrated and prevent it from skin burn. For providing soothing effects and relief from discomfort, the aloe vera gel is ideal in summer. Moisturizing the skin is the best way to be fair.

  1. Exfoliate your skin

At least once and ideally twice in a week, exfoliate your skin. A thin layer of dead cells on the upper surface makes it dry, rough and dull. Allow your skin to shine in summer by making it healthier and radiant through exfoliating treatment. It is the methodology that regenerates your skin cells rapidly. Select mild and gentle exfoliator but prefer natural ways to exfoliate your skin. It is one of the simple tips for fair skin.

Do’s and Don’ts in summer for Skincare

  1. Keep your skin hydrated by drinking lots of water
  2. Follow 8×8 rule for drinking water
  3. Avoid Sun exposure
  4. Cover your head with cap to make a shed on your face
  5. Always wash your face and hands after coming from outside
  6. Eat fresh fruits, vegetables and drink juices for flushing out toxin from body
  7. Eat food that is rich in vitamin C.
  8. Maintain the level of minerals in your body for healthy skin
  9. Prefer a healthy and active lifestyle in lazy days of summer

Few alterations in your skincare regimen assist in controlling all these summer breakouts. It will definitely help you to enjoy a fresh, live and adorable skin. If you get this information helpful, please let us know and tell about your feedback in comments.


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