30 Days Diet Plan

Tall people are considered to be more graceful. They have advantage in most of the aspects of life such as sports or just reaching out for something on a high shelf. A good diet plan can greatly help those who don’t have the genes to grow taller naturally. A little exercise or stretching will also help to add a few more inches. This is a diet plan for you to achieve the maximum growth potential for your body.


calcium diet

Food rich in calcium helps to make our bones stronger. They also help to make them grow at a good pace. A glass of milk with your breakfast and a bowl of yogurt will do the trick for you. Also eat spinach and kale on regular basis to fulfill your body’s calcium requirements. Eating calcium tablets is also an option for increasing calcium intake. Just consult a doctor for a suitable dosage and eat it regularly.


proteins diet

Protein is vital for muscle growth and development. Eating a couple of eggs in the morning and some meat or any other food rich in protein at noon will greatly improve your health and body growth. These are also very good for bodybuilders. If you go to gym regularly then protein shakes can be very beneficial for ensuring a good muscle growth but I prefer a natural diet as suggested by the trainer but it can be very difficult to follow that diet plan


zinc diet

Zinc may not be beneficial for a faster height growth but it is known to make the growth period of your body longer which can help to grow taller. Must4care share his idea that Nuts, yogurt or seeds are a good source of zinc. Consumption of these on a regular basis will definitely show positive results.


vitamins minerals

We all know about the importance of vitamins. They help different functions of out body to work properly and also make out body stronger and grow faster. Fruits are a good source of vitamins. You enjoy the taste and the benefits are uncountable. Eat them whenever you feel like it but its better to eat these before your meal. You can also eat vitamin supplements to overcome the deficiency.

Foods to avoid

junk food

One precaution suggested by Must4care that Foods which have high amount of fats and carbohydrates are not good for your height growth. Foods such as fast food have high amount of these and if eaten in large quantities can lead to obesity which itself is a very dangerous condition and it can also make you look shorter. These also increase the risk of heart attack and several other diseases. According to a study daily consumption of iron can also lead to a stunted height growth. So it is advisable to avoid these nutrients.

Eating the above mentioned nutrients can help to grow faster. It is also recommended to eat a lot during morning, noon and afternoon and eat less at night time. Eat at least a couple of hours before going to sleep to let your body digest the food before sleeping. Eat your breakfast within 30 minutes of getting up in the morning as our body needs energy at that time after a long night of sleep.

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