5 Foods to lose 8 KG in seven days

Fast weight loss is not a problem for these days, Must4Care get this quick access for this issue. Today, obesity is a common issue of the majority. Everyone wants to know the tips and techniques how to lose 7 kilos in a week. People want to reduce weight quickly. For this purpose they hit gym, take fat burners or weight loss supplements. All these methods are effective but losing weight naturally is more beneficial. Doing little exercise in the morning and including some food items in your diet will help easy weight loss.

How Diet plays an active role in weight loss?

A balanced diet is an essential need of the body. Healthy diet is highly important to provide energy and strength. Junk food, fast food and the foods that are unbalanced is the cause of obesity. Deficiency of vitamin and other nutrients can produce weight gain. Some of the foods are given below that are useful in rapid weight loss. There are many diets and food items that are helpful in shedding extra pound from your body.

Lemon and honey

Start your day with lemon and honey in the warm water. It raises the metabolism and melts the fat. It is the best combination that helps you in rapid weight loss. Try to take this drink two or three times in a day. It is the best way to lose weight in 7 days naturally.

Plain Yoghurt

Taking yoghurt in the breakfast with honey during summer is the source to improve the rate of metabolism. It is a good combination for weight loss. It is a good diet that helps you in weight loss. Make a routine of eating yoghurt without sugar.


Taking boiled egg in breakfast is the best way to reduce weight. It is the true source of protein. Boiled egg contains less calories and it metabolizes the body for the whole day. Boiled eggs in empty stomach is an ultimate solution for those who want to know how to lose weight in 1 week.

Green Tea

It is full of fiber that is highly useful for consuming fats. It sheds extra pound from your body. It burns fat rapidly. It is the best item that helps to lose weight in 7 days. It detoxifies the body and increases the energy level of the body. It reduces toxins from the body.


Wheatgrass is admired for its therapeutic qualities. It is used in various dishes to improve the flavor. It’s mild and sweet taste is ideal for food. It can be taken in the form of juice with empty stomach. It is the best fat burner that is helpful in consuming fat from the body in an active way. It is an antioxidant that purifies the blood from harmful effects of toxins.

Working out in the morning is the best way to increase metabolism. By doing the light workout in the morning with light food you can reduce weight naturally at home. After it, you do not need to ask how to reduce weight. If you have any suggestion or information for this article, please let us know and share this with your friends.


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