7 Weight lose home exercises to reduce double Chin

The majority of people want to know the effective exercises for home to lose weight. Losing weight does not mean to just reduce a great amount of fats. It needs to tone up your body as well. Double chin is the common problem for women. It looks very odd that a woman has a double chin and it affects negatively on the outlook of her personality as well. Must4Care’s viewers can get rid off by using these simple tips.

Important Weight lose tips for double chin

Here are some exercises to lose weight fast at home that are very useful in reducing the fats from the chin.

Pressing the tongue

Sit straight on your back and put your shoulders down. Look upward at ceiling by putting your head backward. Force your tongue by keeping it on the palate in the mouth. Put your chin down to the chest. In this way you will be able to contract your neck. Now it is the time to relax your neck and tongue and then repeat the exercise.

Pout and Tilt

Keep your finger on your chin in the way that there should be wrinkles on your chin. Now the contraction of muscles is the first step of your exercise. Put your neck down try to touch your chest without folding your back. Relax and repeat the step again. Do these simple exercises to lose weight of neck and chin 20 times in a trial.

Making O with lips

One more effective exercise that is very simple and easy to do. It is the easiest step of making O with the help of lips. First look upwards by lifting your neck up, now repeat the same step by trenching your lips and hold it for a second. Relax and then do again and again.

Kissing the ceiling

Now you have to pretend that you are trying to kiss the ceiling. Lift your face and neck upwards, trench your lips and hold it for a second. Now get relaxed and do this again about twenty times.

Rotate the Chin

It is the easiest and the most effective easy exercises to lose weight fast at home to reduce the fats of the chin and to tighten the loose muscles of the chin. Move your head in the form of rotation in a complete circle. This circular motion will enable the muscles to be more active.

Stretching the neck from one side

It is very simple and effective exercise to reduce the fats of the chin. Keep your palm of a hand to your ear and push your neck to your shoulder, stretch it for a second. Relax and repeat the same action for the other shoulder.

Releasing the Jaws

Move your jaws in the way that you are chewing something by keeping your lips closed. Inhale and exhale through your nose. Use your tip of tongue for opening your mouth as wide as you can. It should take 90 seconds to do this exercise.

All the above mentioned tips are highly effective for those who have extra fats on their chin. But one of the best weight lose tips is to drink plenty of water for flushing out the maximum fats from the body. By sharing this article with your friends, you can keep them a good looking and tell us how can we improve this topic more efficiently.


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