How to get rid of dark ankles?

Must4care brought simplest solutions for dark ankles. Brown or black ankles are very common in people. It is called dark ankle. There are several reasons for the formation of the dark ankles or the other parts of the body. Skin of the surrounding of the ankles becomes thick and dry. It happens because of the constant friction with the shoes, rough clothes and boots. In older people it seems commonly.

Causes of the Dark ankles

Thin skin around the ankle is delicate. It faces discolor because of the several reasons. Any medical conditions, wearing boots and staining of wet clothes develops dark ankle. The most vital reasons are Rocky Mountain spotted fever, bruises, sprains and venous stasis. It occurs due to the veins lack of blood at the back of the legs. Injury, poor blood circulation and surgery is the result in venous stasis. Ankle sprains are the causes of discoloration and bruising. Dark brown spots and rashes are the results of the infections. In these conditions you must get medical advice. Dark ankles are not very serious condition. It is quite easy to get rid of dark ankles. If there is no serious medical condition then these are due to dead skin cells.

Products for dark ankles

There are several, creams and lotions are available on the market. These are efficient for removing these dark ankles. Due to these reasons these are efficient that is easy and quite simple in use. It gives a healthier and refresh feel, effective and impressive smile and most important it provides you a proper regain of the dead cells. It is the best items that give the hundred percent result naturally. These are intended to provide you’re the proficient guideline how to control the skin problems or odor and discoloration.  It is aimed to promote this productive and healthy activity for your extreme healthy skin. It does not contain any harmful chemicals.

Remedies to get rid of dark ankles

Remedies to get rid of dark ankles

  1. Natural scrubber is good for exfoliating the skin. It removes dead skin cells and increases the freshness.
  2. Hydrogen peroxide is best for lightening the dark ankles
  3. Rubbing Cucumber slice is great to protect your skin nourishment. It removes the dead cells and nourish the skin.
  4. Potatoes are excellent to increase the allure of your ankle’s beauty.
  5. Sandalwood paste is great to provide nourishment to skin
  6. Orange peel
  7. Rice flour and vinegar paste
  8. Castor oil
  9. Salt and manicure shampoo
  10. Milk
  11. Cocoa butter
  12. Gram flour pack
  13. Coconut oil
  14. Baking soda
  15. Glycerin and rose water
  16. Aloe Vera Gel
  17. Lemon juice
  18. Almond paste

All above- mentioned items are incredible for removing the dead cells that cause the thickness of the ankle skin. It removes the darkness and provides a light shade to your skin. It prevents skin from blemishes and spots. In this way you will be able to enjoy a silky and smooth skin. It contains copper to repair the skin and nourishes the skin by removing the dead cells. It enhances the elasticity by firming or tightening the skin.

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