How to get rid of the dark lips?

Lips are the sign of beauty and facial attraction. Pink lips are the prime source to increase the appeal of your looks. If these lips become dark then it can make your look dull. Ladies are much conscious about their looks and beauty. They want to improve their looks and want to be brighter. They use wide range of cosmetics and other items for this purpose. You Must care about your lips because this is the beauty of face.

What is the main cause of dark lips?

There are several causes of dark lips. Due to physical and mental health problems you may suffer this issue of dark lips. Due to anemic body, water retention, lack of water in the body, stress, hormonal issues and other mental disorders such as stress you may have dark lips. The most important and common reason of dark lips is the contentious use of cosmetics such as substandard lipsticks. Lip gloss and lipsticks make lips darker and dry. It gives prompt beauty but long lasting side effects.

Harms of frequent use of cosmetics

Pigments which are chemical color particles that basically offers color to cosmetics are added to it. This is the stuff that helps to create a base surface on the lips. This basically provides a surface for the color to hold onto.

Resins are an essential part of any cosmetics whether good or bad. This is the key ingredient which actually binds the ingredients together and helps the cosmetics to dry.

Solvents are liquids which make the cosmetics applicable on face. These solvents differ in nature in different cosmetics for example these solvents are water-based in some types of cosmetics while in oil based items, they are normal some chemical based.

Additives are added to each paint depending on it type, nature, and functionality.

All these items are harmful due to chemicals. Always use organic items or avoid continuous use of cosmetics on face.

Tips to get rid of dark lips

  1. Always use lemon and honey mask for increasing the beauty of your lips. It gives the pink color back to your lips.
  2. The use of glycerin is good for facial beauty. It is the reason that pinks get moisture back by applying glycerin. Apply it on the lips daily and leave it overnight.
  3. Drinking lot of water is the solution of many problems. It nourishes the skin and gives the beauty back with pink color. It is the best remedy for dry lips.
  4. Beet root is red in color. Scrub beat root five minutes on your lips and give enough time to lips for soaking the juice of it. This will make your lips pink in color.
  5. Applying rose water is good for your beautiful lips. It moisturizes and nourishes the hair. It increases the beauty. For skin it is best remedy that enhances the skin health as well.

For getting rid of the dark lips they need home remedies to follow. Dark lips can make your impression ordinary on others. These remedies are excellent for increasing the attraction of your lips.

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