Start Growing Taller Now

Must4care wish to grow taller and taller. No exaggeration but being tall is always a plus. The people who are already tall take it for granted but the ones with average heights know its worth. Guys usually listen that girls prefer to date tall guys. Yes to some extent it is true. Despite of the gender, we all want to have pretty acceptable heights.

Natural Growth Process

The question is how to grow taller? Is it that easy? Definitely it is not. But to have your desirable results one can go a comparatively challenging way. Naturally a person grows till the age of 18-25 (regardless of the exceptions). But in a few individuals the height is suppressed due to genetical, hormonal or environmental factors. How these people can stand out in a crowd? Here are some few things helping those people grow taller.

Healthy Diet

Health Diet

We all know our muscle mass and healthy bones largely comprises of proteins. If one want to grow their bones they need to add proteins to their every day diet such as meat, fish, pulses.

Proper Exercise

Yoga exercise

Yes the other important thing is to exercise. During teen days if one exercises on a constant bases they can attain a taller height in future. Any exercise joining a gym, participating in sports or even walking around helps building your bones.

Adequate Sleep

proper sleep

In our busy life, full of Hustle and bustle we find it difficult to get enough sleep. Many people will think how our sleep is related to our height? It is! A sound sleep produces in our body human growth hormone. This hormone has a major effect on growing our body taller. Caffeine should be avoided if you want a regular sleeping cycle.

Environmental Factors

Environmental factors also play a role in suppressing our natural heights. Teens these days are involved in unhealthy activities like usually steroids and smoking. These not only effect their health but also suppress their heights.

No Shortcut to Grow Taller

shortcut to grow taller

There is no short cut to grow taller over a night. You can’t add inches on your frames. You have to work for it. Your diet, your Heath, how much you exercise and how many hours of sleep you get will lead you towards your goal.


genetics for growing

It is a fact that your height is determined by your genes that you get from your parents but 20 to 40% of your growth is determined by these environmental factors.

Instead of getting depressed and losing self esteem we all need to earn it. Must4care know how tall they will grow. This is all in our genes. The biggest growth spurt occurs during first year of a person life. Then as years passes inches keep on adding to our height. Then the biggest growth spurt occurs during puberty. The duration of puberty is not the same. It starts at different ages for different kids. These all processes are controlled by your own body varying from person to person. All we can do is not start adding to this process by our own efforts and a healthy life style.

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