How to treat burns

Injury that is caused to flesh and skin due to friction, radiation, electricity and chemicals is called burn. These are of different kinds as per the severity and reasons of the burns. Its cure is always depending on its causes and severity. Minor burns leave blisters, scars and pain on the skin. Severe burn is the cause of pain and trauma. Minor burns can be treated with effective home remedies. Prime issue that can be faced in the result of burn is infections. Severe burns are extensive and require surgical treatments. The large burn is fatal for everyone. Here are some basic remedies by Must4care.

Types of burns

  • Thermal burns and heat burns

Thermal burns and heat burns

These are caused by fire burning or touching hot objects like hot liquids, iron box and hair curlers.

  • Chemical Burns

By touching or spilling the chemicals on the body you may have burn. Acids are prime source of these chemical burns. People working in industry commonly face the chemical burn.

  • Electrical burns

Contacting with any source of Electrical object can cause electric shock. It leaves burn on skin. These electrical burns are severe sometimes and cause trauma in men.

  • Radiation Burn

The reasons of these burns are radiation used in cancer treatment, X-rays, tanning booths, sunlamps, sun and other items.

  • Friction Burn

Having friction with any surface can cause irritation. The friction with any hard surface can cause burn. Falling on athletic tracks and roads can be the reason both heat burns and scrape.

Home remedies to treat burns

The above mentioned burns are very easy to treat with the help of home remedies. The most important step that you have to perform for reducing inflammation of burning is to provide cold compress immediately. It should be in form of ice compress or in the form of tooth paste on the skin.

  1. Applying the slice of Raw potato or the mashed raw potato on the burnt skin can safe from bumps and infection.
  2. For reducing inflammation on skin pouring cold water is a great idea. It reduces the burning and pain instantly.
  3. Plantain leaves are good for relieving pain and preventing from bumps on the skin after rashes.
  4. Juices of fresh onions is the great remedy for finishing
  5. Soy sauce is the best item that is easily accessible in your kitchen cabinets.
  6. Lavender oil, Baking soda, Egg white are the items that are easily available in your home kitchen.
  7. Aloe Vera pulp is the source to provide cool effect and prevent the skin for further scars after burning.
  8. Vinegar and honey are good to give relief from pain and prevent the skin from infections after burns.

There are several ointment and other products are available in the market for treating the burns immediately. The product is aimed to promote this productive and healthy activity for your extreme healthy skin. These are designed to serve you with high quality service at extreme affordable prices. It is true to say that these are small but they have deep roots and enjoying the worth of might in the world of trade.

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