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Thank you for visiting and reading our knowledgeable content that we have collect and produce for you! This Privacy Policy describes how we collect and use the personally identifiable information you provide on our Sites that link to this Privacy Policy that we have extract for our users. Social media platforms are public while Personally identifiable information “also known as ‘personal data’” is information about you that can be used, directly or indirectly to identify you that may include (your name, address, telephone number, date of birth, email address, etc.).

must4care.com is not responsible for the processing of personal data it receives in the case If you respond to our questions/posts or otherwise post content on or via our official social media platforms, we may use or republish your posted text, photo, video, or other materials collectively called the “content” when we need that the information is beneficial for others too! However your identification will be hidden. The data may collect in the following ways from you and other sources:

  1. Contact Forms
  2. Cookies and Other Tracking Technologies
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  4.  Protocol Data
  5.  Geographic Data
  6.  Mobile Applications

You are advised not to post any Content that you don’t have the right to share on any of the social media or post that required copyrights under applicable laws or under contractual or fiduciary relationship or governmental nonpublic information.

While posting and making available any Content, or responding to, or communicating with us on or via our official social media platforms/sites including Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, YouTube, Instagram, and Pinterest, collectively “Social Media Platforms” it will be considered that you represent yourself that you are eighteen (18) years of age or older and that you agree to the above mentioned terms and condition of our privacy policy.

You are warned that don’t post any Content that is troublesome, insulting, ill-mannered, blasphemous, explicit, hateful, threatening, offensive, harassing, irritating, defamatory, or which discloses personally identifiable information or private or personal matters concerning any person anywhere in the world.