Quick Remedies for dark circles around eyes

Taking care of your eyes is very important because beautiful eyes enhance your facial beauty. There are many cremes and lotions are available in the market for increasing the beauty and the attraction of your eyes. Dark blemishes and dark circles around the eyes are the sources to show you aged and unhealthy. These periorbital dark circles around eyes are very common in every second person. It is seen common in women and men. These are not found in children. In the aged people the skin around the eyes become thinner. The elasticity becomes less and skin losses the collagen. It makes the area darker because the blood vessels get damaged.

Causes of Dark Circles around eyes

  1. Exposure to sun
  2. Lifestyle factors
  3. Hyper pigmentation
  4. Age factor
  5. Liver problems
  6. Fatigue
  7. Medications
  8. Anemia
  9. Allergies
  10. Heredity

Home remedies for treating dark circles

  • Applying slices of raw potato gives relief from tensed nerves and it gives comfort to blood vessels. It finishes dark circles.
  • Rub rose water around the eyes. It will lighten the skin around your eyes.
  • Mint leave juice is highly beneficial for treating your eyes circles.
  • Natural under eye home pack is wonderful for treating this condition.
  • MustCare suggests to use natural ingredients rather than chemical products.

Tips to use beauty products

  1. The strokes of the cream should be applied with your ring finger.
  2. Start it from the inch of the one end of the eye and rub it towards the nose in a circle.
  3. Apply it delicately under the eyelids from the one corner to another.
  4. Blend it properly that it can absorb in your skin.

Night Treatment

The treatment is very beneficial to make your skin fresh. Clean your face with a damp towel after washing the face. These cremes are composed of the retinoids, antioxidants, enzymes and ingredients. It provides the proper moisture to your skin and makes it fresh. The importance of the beauty products has always been prominent from the past years to present age because it adds to a women’s natural beauty. It will never leave your skin dry and make it more nourished.


Skin under eyes is very delicate and it needs very light massage in the ring form. For eye care use lotions that are effective for eye care. These products are helpful for increasing the nourishment of the skin. The technique and strokes of massage are more important in improving the health of eyes. It increases the bold circulation around the eyes and provides strength to body.

Tips to lighten the skin under eyes

  • Take proper sleep and rest
  • Do not rub your eyes it ruins the small vessels of eyes
  • Always remove your makeup before sleep and try to save your eyes from irritations.
  • Use shade or P-Cap when you go out from the house or office
  • Wash your eyes with cold water and apply cols compress on eyes for giving relief from burning and tension.
  • Take Vitamin C, E and A for increasing the nourishment of your skin

Do not smoke, do not use alcohol and caffeine. It causes dehydration and weakens the eyesight. We welcome your suggestions and feedback in comments or E-Mail.

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