Remedies for Lung Scarring

Lung Scarring is not a common situation. In medical terms it is called fibrosis. It is a kind of scarring that spreads throughout the lungs. In such a medical condition the patient has to face very severe harms. It happens when a person inhale dust or other occupational chemicals. With different animal products and pathogens this lung scaring occurs. Lungs are consisting of airways that are known as bronchi. Due to the inflammation in the walls of alveoli these scars develop. It finishes the elasticity and the softness of the walls. These walls become stiffer and make the breathing difficult. It becomes thicker and the oxygen cannot enter in the blood stream quickly. This procedure becomes slow down. It is very painful situation for the patients they face difficulty in breathing. It makes them weaker by the time and it can cause of their death.

Causes of Lung Scarring

Causes of Lung Scaring

  • Due to specific medicine
  • Rheumatoid arthritis and chronic conditions
  • Exposure to radiation therapies
  • Poor environmental causes like asbestos, silica, gases
  • Infections
  • Chronic inflammatory processes
  • Smoking and use of alcohol

Maternal smoking

Maternal smoking

It is the main cause of Lung Scarring. Incomplete growth and reduced size can cause other physical disorder but the alarming situation is that these children cannot be able to breathe normally due to the bad functions of lungs. It means that their lungs cannot be able to work normally and their own. They have to attach to the respirators in their early days after birth. Moreover, these children have to face many disorders and complications related to breathe and lungs afterwards. It happens in them due to the delayed lungs development because of the dangerous effects of nicotine. These children are surely vulnerable to asthma or have the high risk of sudden infant death syndrome.

Home Remedies for treating Lung Scarring

  1. Avoid strenuous exercises
  2. Rest required for the treatment of Lung Scarring
  3. Adding probiotics to one’s diet
  4. Inclusion of supplements
  5. Use of spices
  6. Following a Mediterranean diet
  7. Take Organic germanium supplements
  8. Take Organic silicon supplements
  9. Take vitamin C
  10. Leave Stress on a green diet
  11. Provide a diet with sea weed
  12. Exposure of sunlight
  13. Use cod liver oil for Lung Scarring treatment
  14. Administering hemp oil
  15. Use of liquorice capsules
  16. Intake of nutrition yeast
  17. Use of colloidal silver supplement
  18. Take Serrepetase supplement

This lung scaring situation can cause malfunction of other organs as well. The malfunction of different organs can cause a severe condition in these patients as well. All these disorders and abnormalities cannot be treated with the medicines. Many medicines have been discovered for the Lung Scarring treatment of the physical disorders but the health issues that are caused by birth are not able to cure. The medicines that are used to treat this disorder can reduce the symptoms temporarily but cannot pick out the problem from the root. The only Lung Scarring treatment is the prevention form smoking during pregnancy.  It is the only way to have a normal and healthy life.

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