Tips to remove black eye quickly

If a user has got and injury on head and face then the surroundings of the eye becomes black that is called black eye. It is because of the collection of blood and other fluid around the eyes. It is the cause of discoloration and swelling. It happens when the eye is injured but tissues surrounded the eyes get discolored. It becomes loose and fat disposition gathers around it. It becomes very dark purple, yellow and greenish in color. It becomes very painful and cause discomfort. Eye swells and patient feels headache due to the swollen eye. It is easy to get rid of black eye.

Causes of Black eye

Causes of Black eye

  1. Dental infections
  2. Angioedema or swelling around both eyes
  3. Cellulites or infection of the skin around the eye
  4. Insect bites
  5. Allergic reaction

Signs of black eye

  1. In some people black eye causes nausea and vomiting
  2. Headaches and in some cases blurry vision
  3. Difficulty in opening the eyes because of swelling
  4. Discoloration around the eye caused by bruising
  5. Pain and swelling around the eyes

When do you need medical help?

  1. Dizziness, vomiting and Nausea
  2. Increased sensitivity to light or changes in vision
  3. Persistent headache caused by black eye
  4. Blood or clear fluid coming out of nose, ear, etc
  5. Blood on the surface of the eye
  6. Inability to move the eye
  7. Double vision
  8. Loss of sight
  9. Spontaneously appearing black eye which affects both the eyes

How to treat Black eye?

How to treat Black eye

Some remedies for black eye are given below.

  1. Apply witch hazel
  2. Apply Vaseline and cayenne pepper
  3. Apply paste of Papaya
  4. Apply paste of Pineapple
  5. Take Vitamin K and C for heeling the swelling
  6. Apply Arnica
  7. Apply Comfrey Roots
  8. Apply chilled tea bags
  9. Apply Cucumber Slices
  10. Apply Raw Potatoes
  11. Apply Natural oil
  12. Apply Clean the area
  13. Apply hot compress
  14. Apply Keep your head in elevated position
  15. Apply ice


The pain of black eye reduces your sleep. Your brain may be more active by using painkiller pills. It is quite safe for all these conditions. It reduces the fatigue and weakness that you feel during weight loss. You may reduce your dosage if you have mental mood disorders, abnormal family history, drug addiction, use of alcohol, live problem, enlarged heart, heart problems, amphetamines, high blood pressure and others.

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Use supplements of vitamin K and E. Like other ordinary supplements it is very not harmful and due to the extreme instant formula of the product. It never leaves terrible effect on the health. It does not deliver perplexity, laziness and dizziness constantly. It does not prompt the Amnesia, in which the dependent individual loss the memory. The odd and peculiar musings are delivered by the medication in the brain. These contemplation are the reason for the awful deeds and the unlawful acts also. In short it does not harm the psyche and catches it.

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