How to treat your Dry throat?

If someone has dry and sore throat it is an annoying condition. It happens due to the inflammation of pharynx. It is tube that starts from the back of the mouth and esophagus leads to the stomach. There are several reasons that are cause of the discomfort. It is painful situation for the majority of the users. It can cause different other problems. There are several home remedies that can reduce this condition and you can get rid of dry throat.

Reasons of Dry throat

  • Smoking and drinking alcohol is the main reason of dry throat.
  • Bacterial and viral infections.
  • Acidity in stomach and Acid reflux.

Harms of medicines?

Harms of medicines

You may face some reactions in case you have taken overdose that is injurious to health. Taking more than three pills will be harmful.  It can produce high or low heat beat. It is can create wound infection in the body.

  1. Patient starts to forget the things at initial stage that leads to the amnesia or memory lost.
  2. It damages the heart rate by making it slow and making it seriously down gradually.
  3. It ruins the strength of the muscles by weakening them. The stiffness of the muscles, seizure and the muscles spasm is the dangerous situation for the person.
  4. It lowers the blood pressure and producing the nausea and vomiting, stomach gets upset, no hunger and many other disorders. In this way it plays a damaging role towards your health.
  5. The person has to suffer the problem of the double vision.
  6. It can faint the patients and ruin their health.

If you are using any drug then you may have to suffer dry throat problem due to chemicals. Always check it is quite safe for human because it does not contain any harmful chemicals in its formation. It does not necessary to take the permission of the doctor before use. If you have allergies or other severe health issues then it may have some draw backs for you.

  • Dizziness
  • Headache
  • Nausea
  • Chest pain
  • Irregular heart beat
  • Hallucination
  • Nervousness

Remedies for Dry throats

  1. Take rest. Do not talk and take a toffee in your mouth. It will keep throat wet.
  2. Turmeric is an anti-inflammatory herb. It reduces discomfort from throat by reducing pain.
  3. Advantages of fenugreek are several. Drink its water by boiling it or soaking it into the water. It gives relief from pain.
  4. Slippery Elm and its properties
  5. Use of marshmallow root. It is effective in reduces pain of dry throat.
  6. Use of apple of cider vinegar for killing the bacteria. It is wonderful for finishing the infection.
  7. Use of cinnamon. It is incredible therapy for reducing pain and discomfort. It cleans the food pipe and finishes the acidity in the body.
  8. Garlic and its uses are many. It finishes acidity that is good to get relief from dry throat.
  9. Use of lemon
  10. Honey and its use
  11. Add honey to warm water

    Home Remedies For Flem In The Throat

    1. Honey And Lemon Tea

    Honey improves the immune power of the body and has antiseptic properties. Lemon has anti bacterial property and the vitamin C present in them improves the resistance power of the body against infections.
    • Drink hot tea to which honey and lime is added at least three times a day to soothe the throat and reduce Flem production

    2. Ginger And Cinnamon

    Ginger is effective in reducing throat and respiratory tract infections as it has antibacterial properties. It has been used for centuries in treating cold and sinus.
    • Mix ginger, cinnamon and carnation
    • Add a cup of hot water to this mixture
    • Stir and strain and drink the strained mixture with a teaspoon of honey in it.
    • You can use herbal tea made of chamomile to get rid of mucus.

    3. Garlic

    The sulfur presents in garlic fight the bacteria and other infection causing organisms. When the infection reduces flem production also reduces.
    • Consume a few cloves of raw garlic before going to bed.
    • Instead you can use them in all food preparations

    4. Milk And Turmeric

    Turmeric has antiseptic properties. Drinking milk and turmeric improves the immune system of the body and make it more effective in fighting infections.
    • Take a glass of hot milk and add a teaspoon of turmeric to it
    • Drink this mixture before going to bed.

    5. Honey And Pepper

    Pepper is used to treat various throat infections. Honey will soothe the mucous membranes of the throat.
    • Add a pinch of white or black pepper to a teaspoon of honey
    • Take this mixture twice daily for five days to reduce sore throat and Flem production.

    6. Steam Inhalation

    Inhaling the steam will loosen the Flem in your chest, nose, throat etc and helps in the elimination of Flem from the body.
    • Inhale steam from a tub of boiling water
    • If you want you can add aromatic oils like eucalyptus oil to the water and inhale the steam.
    • You can also have hot showers to loosen the Flem in the body.
    Eucalyptus has antiseptic property and the vapors of the oil will prevent the production of throat mucous.

    7. Gargle With Salt Water

    Salt can destroy the bacteria causing the throat infection and can reduce the formation of flem. The gargle will help to clear the Flem trapped in the back of your throat inside and in the air passages.
    • Mix a tablespoon of salt with a cup of warm water
    • Gargle using the mixture for 30 seconds
    • Repeat the remedy several times a day

    8. Avoid Irritants

    Exposure to irritants can irritate the air passages and can aggravate the Flem production. Always keep your windows open to allow fresh air.
    • Avoid exposure to paint fumes, chemicals, household cleaners which will cause irritation to the respiratory tract.

    9. Shallots

    Shallots contain sulfur which will clear the infection of the airways. They reduce the irritation of the mucous membranes.
    • Take 6-8 shallots and peel it.
    • Eat the peeled shallots with sugar
    • You will have a burning sensation in your airways which is a sign that your remedy is working.

    10. Avoid Smoking

    One of the important things to do when you have a throat infection and Flem is to avoid smoking. Anything you inhale affects your respiratory system. Smoke from cigarettes, cigars can worsen the throat condition. The compounds from these will interfere with the natural healing of the body.
    • Smoking irritates the throat and worsens the respiratory conditions.
    • Cut the smoking habit at least till your nose and throat is clear.

    11. Spicy Food

    Spicy food helps to loosen the mucus and aids in the easy expulsion of the Flem from the body.
    • Eat spicy foods containing chilly, pepper, chili peppers, horseradish wasabi ginger, garlic etc. to loosen the mucus.

    12. Keep The Body Hydrated

    Like all other illness, keeping the body hydrated help the body to clear the flem.
    • Drink water every hour to make the Flem thin
    • You can increase the fluid intake in the form of tea, watery soups etc.

    13. Nasal Rinse

    Flushing clean water and saline through the sinuses will help to clear the mucous in the throat. This is used in ayurvedic treatments to clear the flem.
    • You can use the saline nasal rinse available in the drugstore
    • Use the nettipot to cleanse the nose and the sinuses.

    14. Use A Humidifier

    The moisture from the humidifiers can make the mucus in your body thinner and easy to expel.
    • Keep the humidifier on when you are having Flem in the throat.
    • Do not forget to run the humidifier at night
    • You can even add essential oil like eucalyptus oil to the water to increase mucous fighting.

    15. Humming

    This is one of the ways used by singers to break down the Flem in the throat. You will be able to create vibrations by humming which will be able to break up the mucus.
    • Try humming music for 10- 15 minutes to loosen the flem

    16. Blow Your Nose Regularly

    You might think that it is embarrassing and gross to let the mucus out of your body by blowing your nose, but is the best way to get rid of the Flem and the infection causing germs from your body.
    • Do not ignore the urge to cough up mucus or blow nose
    • Do not swallow the phlegm, this will reintroduce the germs into your system
    • Keep a box of tissues to let out the mucous.

    17. Avoid Fried Food Items

    Deep fried foods are cooked in excess oil and hence will be greasy.
    • Eating too much of fried foods daily will increase the time for the mucus in your body to break apart.
    • So, when you suffer from Flem make sure you totally avoid deep fried and even oil cooked foods for a speedy recovery.

    18. Avoid Meat

    It is ideal for you to avoid meat and poultry products when you have Flem in throat.
    • Meat will increase the mucus production and hence it should be avoided when you suffer from cold.
    • You will also not be able to enjoy the taste of meat and poultry with a stuffy nose.
    • Stay away from meat if you are suffering from excess mucus.

    19. Avoid Dairy Products

    Dairy products increase the production of mucous or Flem in the body
    • Avoid eating dairy products such as yoghurt, ghee, butter, cheese etc

    20. Chicken Soup

    • Hot chicken soup will help in moisturizing the airways
    • It will also help in breaking the mucus.
    • Make sure to drink at least one to two soup bowls full of hot chicken soup to clear Flem in your throat.

    Are you finding it very difficult to control your nasal drips? Do you want to get rid of the Flem in your throat that is really creating a problem or you? Then, you need to try out some of the above mention home remedies that will help you to easily get rid of the Flem in your throat without much trouble. You might need to try out a combination of two to three home remedies to see effective results in quick time.

Gargle with warm water will also give you relief in this condition, and this remedy is fast effective to your throat and also suggested by MustCare. If you liked our this topic, share it with your friends and let us know through E-Mail and comments about your suggestions and feedback.

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