How to treat Sinus headache?

Sinus headache is very common in everyone. When the membrane that lines your sinuses starts inflamed it produces headache. You feel pain between eyes and some portion of nose. It is very much severe. It is like migraine and tension headaches. It is highly painful for patient. Must4Care will tell you treatment about this situation.

Causes of Sinus Headache

  1. When sinus swells due to infections, allergies and cold then you feel sinus pain.
  2. Sinus cavities become closed due to the sinus fluid.
  3. It causes pain and swelling.
  4. Fungal infections, flue and sinus swelling

Home remedies to treat Sinus

  1. Eat food that is rich in Vitamin C

Vitamin C is the important component of citrus fruit. It is vital for the getting rid of the sinus pain. It gives relief from the sinus pain by reducing the swelling and inflammation from the sinus membrane. Prefer eating food that is rich in vitamin C such as lemon and orange. Vitamin C is ideal for reducing inflammation because of anti-septic nature.

  1. Eat Vegetables that contain High-Silicon:

Silicon is the component that is essential for better health. Potatoes, Cucumber and peppers are rich in the content of the silicon. It reduces the frequent infections and fungal infections gradually. It helps in stimulating the sinus fluid to come out of the cavities naturally by improving their function.

  1. Vicks Vaporub

Massaging the sinus area with Vicks can be effective as well. It is highly effective to give relief from the sinus swelling.

  1. Avoid eating Banana

It is rich in sugar and low fiber as well as protein. All the time eating the banana is not so very good because of the nutrients.

  • Do not eat banana for breakfast or as the replacement of it
  • Do not use banana as a meal replacement
  • A Banana is not good for taking breakfast diet as the Japanese do
  1. Eat Citrus Fruits

It needs to eat citrus fruit like grapes carefully, especially in the hours when you want to be active. Do not start your day only with banana. It gives a great organization when you require snacks to eat. But it will never give you a full feeling for avoiding eating snacks. Eating grapes in the breakfast or for skipping a meal is more effective. It is a fruit that is full of energy and food supplements. For containing the treasure of energy it is a good fruit for athletes and players. It stimulates the body and keeps you dynamic for daily life. It is the genuine intend to give the extraordinary amount of protein and additionally some critical supplements. It energizes the body and keeps you active for doing daily tasks easily.

Why should you not eat a banana at breakfast?

Breakfast is the first meal of the day. For containing high sugar, low protein, fiber, and carbohydrates it is not good to keep your body active. You need a low sugar diet in the morning so eating a banana as a first meal is not recommended.

By using these natural products, you will not get any side effect. Share this article to your friends and let us know about your feedback and suggestions.

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